Victorian Schools & The Prince of Egypt: 2nd and 3rd Form Trips

14 October 2021


This week our 2nd and 3rd Form have been away on trips to enhance their learning and enrich the day to day of school life. Our 2nd Form were transported back to Ancient Egypt when they had the opportunity to watch The Prince of Egypt, an epic production based on the classic DreamWorks film. It has been such a long time since we have been able to enjoy a theatre trip, making our trip to to the Dominion Theatre even more special. With excellent seats in the Circle our boys had an incredible view of the stage; just as well, as the special effects were out of this world. With fantastic singing and the most energetic of dance routines, we were all left very impressed with every single performer on the stage. This was an excellent way for our boys to learn the Old Testament story of Moses, Ramses and the liberation of the Israelites, whilst seeing world-class stagecraft in action.  

Whilst waiting for the show to start we learnt where the orchestra were situated, waved to the followspot operators, and learned the different areas of the working stage. 

Our 3rd Form also spent some time away from school this week, when they visited Reading Museum to consolidate their understanding of Victorian Britain. The boys were split into two groups and took part in two workshops: ‘A Victorian School Experience’, and an interactive workshop looking at ‘Children in the Workplace’. For the School Experience, the boys were asked to familiarise themselves with the classroom layout and dressed up in waistcoats and Eton collars. The boys made their way to their desks and were quickly introduced to their new stationery for the day: a slate board and pen, blotting paper, a fountain pen and pot of ink! The boys enjoyed a maths lesson looking at the currencies of the Victorian era as well as learning how to write cursively. By the end of the session the boys were looking at their hands in horror – they all really struggled to get the blue ink off their hands! Afterwards, the boys took part in an interactive workshop, where again they dressed up with some boys volunteering to be maids. The boys took part in various jobs over the course of the session from chimney sweeping, washing clothes, shoe shining and even learning how to change the bed pan!