Our New 'Listeners' are Trained and Ready

13 October 2021


15 boys in the 5th and 6th Form attending a six hour training session delivered by Bucks Mind to prepare them for the important role of being our 'Listeners' for the academic year. The training started by the orbits having an appreciation of what mental health is and how it compares to mental illness. They then thought about ways to support their own mental wellbeing using ‘The 5 ways to wellbeing’ to anchor their thoughts. We discussed what qualities would make someone a good listener and what qualities they needed to improve to be a better listener. Confidentiality and Safeguarding where then discussed, before the boys had the opportunity to try out their new skills in a roller play scenario. The day finished with all the boys being given a certificate to celebrate their achievement and badge to allow other boys to recognise them around school.