The Lower School Harvest Festival: A Chance to Give Back

08 October 2021


Mr Banks asked the boys gathered in the Chapel on Friday if they’d ever been ‘hangry’. As expected, many of them raised their hands, but Mr Banks went on to explain that real hunger is something else entirely, with many people in the UK suffering every day, and lockdown only compounding the issue. Fortunately, we have some very generous families, who have kindly donated lots of food parcels, cans and tins that Mr Paget will take down to the Slough foodbank.

The sounds of boys, parents and teachers singing in unison rung through the Chapel as Mr Paget played the piano beautifully in accompaniment. Being able to come together again for an occasion about being thankful truly resonated with us all and it was exactly the kind of community event needed to take us into the Autumn Term with smiles on our faces.