Headmaster's Blog | Friday 08 October 2021

08 October 2021


A wrong was corrected last night as I hosted new parents from this year but importantly last year, too, for supper. Having a gathering of so many people who I met last year online or in very small groups away from the Caldicott boys, was quite overwhelming and a source of great pride. In previous editions of this missive I shared our general concern about the possibility that Caldicott boys would not know how to be Caldicott boys in circumstances where we’ve always known we have had particular standards or quirky ways that are important to us. This worry fed into our mantra for this term which we framed as three priorities: High expectation for all, a community connection and competitive, but kind. As I now reflect on the first six weeks of term, I conclude only welcome thoughts – there has been no circuit break of our culture and thanks to the incredible staff, we plough on into the dark winter months.

After last night, it seems the same can be said of the Caldicott wider community. The Friends of Caldicott, along with our Housekeeping and Catering teams, put on a lovely evening. The good company and conversation made for a splendid night. No circuit break here either.

Its always perilous to highlight one event over other great events but I can’t resist commenting on two initiatives this week. Firstly, our pop up ‘Make-Space’ hut in the courtyard has been a hit with the boys who can come along at breaktime to be creative in making a particular object. In this week’s challenge the boys were making a rollercoaster out of cardboard, paper and sticky tape. I am told that this will develop as we go on. Secondly, I very excited about our STEAM fair tomorrow with boys presenting projects that we have divided into four zones: Lego solutions, Tech solutions, Health solutions and Sustainability. Twelve boys have made the final and I am so pleased that four of them are from the 2nd Form.

To finish, I would like to thank Chapel Choir as they sang so beautifully at Harvest Festival on Wednesday night. The leadership Mr. Paget is showing as our new Director of Music is an inspiration to the boys to such an extent that they were out of bed at 0700 in the morning to rehearse before breakfast!

Have a lovely weekend.