Lower School Recital

07 October 2021


Last Friday, all boys in the Lower School took to the Chapel for the Lower School Recital. Mr Paget spoke to the boys beforehand and explained that this was a concert, and so those in the audience were expected to act like the audience of a concert; this means being a dutiful crowd, clapping at the right times and showing their appreciation appropriately.

When the show began, three boys took to the stage to play the piano, which they did beautifully. Tristan L (2nd Form) played Ode to Joy, Beethoven, Alex R (2nd Form) played Prelude Number 4, Scriabin and Roger X (2nd Form) played Andante Moderato, Fauré. Thank you to each of these boys for a brilliant performance, and well done to the rest of the Lower School who acted as a very respectful audience.

Mr Baxter, our Brass Tutor, then gave a talk and demonstration on how brass instruments work. He played the trumpet, French horn, trombone, flugelhorn and finally a hose pipe with a funnel stuck inside! He truly showed the capabilities of brass instruments.