Headmaster's Blog | Friday 01 October 2021

01 October 2021


At assembly the other day I completed a straw poll on dog ownership and the result showed that about 70% of boys have a dog. Here at Caldicott we have been a ‘no dogs’ school for several years because owners in the past repeatedly failed to be the responsible owners the whole community expected. Times change and so will our policy pertaining to bringing dogs on site. Pets, particularly dogs, are an important part of life for many families and are often included in day-to-day activities. Stopping weekly boarders from seeing their dog midweek and causing worry when dogs need to be left at home for hours when a match is being watched is not what we want. The benefit dogs bring to the wellbeing of staff and pupils is real, I have witnessed it myself, and we need to embrace it as a school.

Whilst we appreciate the positive attributes and values of pet ownership as an educational and emotional experience, we also acknowledge that there may be some members of staff, pupils and visitors to the school for whom contact with some pets can be stressful or frightening. Our new policy takes this into consideration and you all will be emailed the document once we are ready to flip to the new policy – we are waiting for bins to be delivered, so please stand by. We are therefore in an interim phase at the moment so we will continue as we have done so far this term until we are ready.

The school will reserve the right to ask individuals to remove their pet(s) from the site, or not to bring their pet(s) in to the school. Finally, this is a trial. We will review how things go for an extended period of time, then make a final decision.

Exeat is upon us and the boys are tired. I would like to offer my congratulations to the boys who were new to Caldicott in September. They have done very well and we are proud of each and every one of them.