Caldicott Boys Become Teachers in New Language Club

30 September 2021


Caldicott prides itself on its diversity, and that is not least of all represented through the number of languages we speak as a school. Punjabi, Italian, French, Mandarin and Malaysian are just some of the additional languages that our boys are able to speak. Celebrating diversity is so important, and speaking an additional language is a valuable skill that can have long-lasting benefits such as improving memory and enhancing communication skills.

Mr Di Maso is overwhelmed by the number of volunteers willing to give up a breaktime each week to teach the basics of their additional language to peers. On Tuesday, the first of these sessions was held, with KG (Y8), VG (Y4), AB (Y8) and YD (Y6) all becoming temporary Caldicott teachers as they led a classroom full of boys through some simple Russian greetings. We learnt how to say ‘hello’, ‘how are you?’, ‘all good, thank you’ and ‘bye’.

Our newest teachers have clearly been paying attention in lessons; they expertly ran the session, splitting boys into pairs and encouraging full engagement by getting everyone to repeat back phrases together. The lesson concluded with pairs practising their conversations in front of the class. Due to keen interest from the boys, we will carry on with Russian for a few more sessions before moving on to a new language with a new set of teachers.