Wednesday Visiting: The Transition into Boarding at Caldicott

16 September 2021


Caldicott’s grounds were alive and buzzing on Wednesday; not only were parents invited to watch their sons participate in their respective matches, but for parents of weekly and full boarders it was time for Wednesday visiting. Boarding is a staple of life at Caldicott, something the 5th and 6th Form will attest to, and now with the introduction of flexi and occasional boarding in younger years, our transition of boarding culture throughout the school is more seamless than ever. Our offer of Wednesday visiting is a key part of how we ease the transition into boarding, and something that is appreciated by parents and boys alike.

Monique is mother of recent leaver, Leo (OC 2015-2021), and current 5th Former, Elliot. She kindly spoke to us about her perspective on Wednesday visiting, ‘it is placed at the perfect time in the week to break it up, and always provides a day to look forward to, for both parents and boys’. It is also a convenient time in the Caldicott week, as it immediately follows Wednesday fixtures; for example, if a London parent decides to visit one Wednesday, then they can choose to watch their sons play in their match (taking full advantage of match teas!), and then immediately pick them up when they’re finished (around 1600), and drop them off in time for Chapel at 1900, giving them plenty of quality of time together.

Some parents like to take their sons out for meals, while others will set up picturesque picnics around our beautiful grounds. Monique lives locally and so takes Elliot home for a couple of hours to recharge his batteries and enjoy some homely comforts. She went on to commend the introduction of flexi boarding, saying it undoubtedly supports the boarding ethos at Caldicott and makes the process of adjusting to boarding even smoother.

Boarding is an enriching experience for boys, and something that forges strong character and lifelong memories with friends. Ensuring boys are fully prepared for Senior school is something we pride ourselves in and many Heads at these schools have been impressed with the trend of Caldicott boys, in particular, adapting so quickly. These are some of the reasons we wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of boarding, and are always striving to ease the transition into this new experience.


New boarder Benjamin D (5th Form) heading off with his Mum for his first Wednesday visiting.