OC News and Caldicott’s Development: Ma’am Duncan’s Role as a Senior Master

14 September 2021


Ma’am Duncan was appointed to the role of Senior Master back in 2019 and in this role supports the Headmaster in a variety of activities related to development and fundraising, in addition to leading on reigniting the engagement with our alumni network. 

Covid may have thwarted many of our attempts for OC reunions over the last 18 months, at a time when re-connecting felt even more important, which is what made our OC Touch Rugby Tournament on Sunday a very special day indeed and one that was a long time coming. Ma’am Duncan’s introduction of our termly Old Caldicotian newsletter and social media presence has made it far easier than ever before for our OCs to stay connected and for us to be able to celebrate their achievements at senior school and beyond. The fact that many OCs choose Caldicott as the place to educate their sons, is testament to the affection they hold for the school and confirmation of their belief that it will provide the best possible all-round education.

On the development front, with the milestone of our 125th anniversary approaching in 2029, our attention is focussed on ensuring that Caldicott’s facilities are among the best prep school facilities in the country. Our mission is also to maintain Caldicott’s pre-eminence within the independent prep-school sector by attracting and supporting the most promising boys and, with thanks to generous donors the Caldicott Foundation, we are able to provide increasing bursary provision for deserving boys.

“What I find hugely exciting about the role is how it bridges Caldicott’s history, through my work with our incredible alumni, with its future; as we look at the school’s development and approach the milestone of its 125th anniversary.

There has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes and with the generosity of parents and the wider Caldicott community, past and present, alongside the incredible support of our highly skilled governors, an exciting and ambitious vision for Caldicott’s future is starting to take shape. 

Approaching my 9th year at Caldicott is a rather scary prospect, mainly because the pupils who I taught in my first year now tower over me and are on their way to University! But Caldicott is a truly special place and it's a community you remain part of, even if you no longer are a pupil or have a son at the school. It’s the friends you make and the memories that you share that stay with you. 

The Caldicott Foundation’s vision is one that presents great opportunities for those who want to be part of shaping futures, offering opportunities and creating a legacy. I’m thrilled to be part of it and can’t wait to share it!”

If you would like to find out more about the Caldicott Foundation or our alumni network, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Ma’am Duncan is also Head of Drama, Head of Wood House and chair of the charity committee. 

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