Welcome Back to our Two 'New' Gappies

14 September 2021


This term we are welcoming back two Old Boys to the team, Lucas Nicholas (OC 2012-2016) and Marlow Turner (OC 2010 - 2016) who are joining our team of Gap Students, affectionately called ‘Gappies’. Our Gappie Team is made up of Old Caldicotians and Gap students from abroad. They work tirelessly completing a range of jobs around the school and assisting in lessons to ensure your sons have the best time possible.

Lucas has made his return after five years at Bradfield College, as he put it, he enjoyed his time in school so much he just had to come back to work in one! He is excited about the new perspective he will gain from seeing Caldicott from the point of view of a staff member, for instance he has now learnt that teachers are actually people too… We asked Lucas if he immediately noticed much had changed at Caldicott in the few years since he was here, ‘the Caldicott ‘vibe’ has actually stayed the same, which is refreshing – it still has such a nice bunch of staff who are incredibly friendly and approachable’. His plans after a year with us are to go on to Leeds university where he hopes to become a ‘proper adult’ and study sports and business management.

Marlow spent his last five years at Stowe, where he thoroughly enjoyed completing his A-Levels. The plentiful sporting opportunities that come from working at Caldicott are a big appeal for Marlow and he too is excited to see the school in a new light. He always looked up to the Gappies during his time here, so it was an easy decision for him to make a return and take that role over himself. Marlow’s plans post-Caldicott involve studying English at the University of Exeter; a subject he is particularly passionate about.

We trust our amazing community will give Lucas and Marlow a great Caldicott welcome, and we look forward to utilising their enthusiasm and tenacity as we take on the 2021/22 school year.