The Success of Our Summer Activity Camps

10 September 2021


Despite the summer holidays being in full force over the last few weeks, the school has not actually spent much time without boys. We’ve offered the most weeks of activity that we have ever done with Activity Camp, Resilience Course, Swimming Camp, New Boys Activity Week, Ready for Rugby Camp, Drama Camp and Football Camp. As Mr Banks pointed out in his start of term letter, boys could’ve spent a month of their holiday time at Caldicott!

The camps are not only a great convenience for busy parents, but also offers the boys some fun-filled structured activities with their friends. This is especially appreciated by our new boys who get to meet each other, our current boys, and some of their teachers. It means that by the time they arrived to school on Thursday, they’ll were already quite familiar with the school setting, our generous grounds and our inspiring teachers.

With over 46 boys attending our Summer Drama Camp across both our morning and evening sessions, it was set to be an action packed three days and it certainly didn't disappoint. Our 4th-6th Form group took inspiration from "Children of Men" by P.D James to create a devised performance and explored several improvisation games to develop listening skills and their ability to work creatively as a team. Our brilliant 1st-3rd Form were full of energy and enjoyed drama games which are designed to boast confidence alongside a whole host of transferable skills and on the final day worked with a script from Peter Pan.

Ma'am Duncan was grateful for the support of three Old Caldicotians who were only too willing to assist with the camp Charlie Bradshaw (OC 2009-2015) is currently in second year at university studying film, Sam Maynard (OC 2013-2019) who, in his final year at Caldicott, played Eliza Dolittle in our production of My Fair Lady and is currently at Radley and Arjun Nanda (OC 2019-2020) who is currently at Harrow and has recently been filming for a TV series. They shared their passion and enthusiasm with our current Caldicotians which was just marvellous to see.