Final Assembly Awards | Summer Term 2021

07 July 2021

Our Final Assembly of the Summer Term, and 2020/21 Academic year, took place on Monday. So many of our boys excelled in the past year, and showed incredible feats of resilience in the face of adversity, and subsequently won awards commemorating this. The list of winners can be found below...


Science Awards - for progress                                                               

1st  Form –  Robby WC 
2nd Form –  Jujhaar G 
3rd Form –  Hugo B   
4th Form –  Oscar C  

5th Form :   (Prizes: Newton's Cradle Balance Balls )  
Biology  –       David H
Chemistry  –    Ryan F 
Physics   –    George M



Middle School Prize for Extra English Projects -   Ethan D 
Senior School Prize for Extra English Projects -   Dongyang L


History Prize for consistent excellence and effort      

1st Form  – Danny L  
2nd Form –  Wilbur R  
3rd Form –  George D 
4th Form –    Charlie K
5th Form -       Edward C   

Commendations for Special Projects:

Aston J (4th Form) - Murder of Thomas Beckett Film  
Anton F (4th Form) - Hastings - Poem 


Geography Prize for consistent excellence and effort

1st Form:   -  Milo B
 2nd Form: -  Archie B
 3rd Form: -   Yehor D
 4th Form: -   Aston J
 5th Form: -   Otis FB


Classics T shirts – These are awarded to the boys in each 4th and 5th form Latin set who gained the top marks in the end of year examinations.   

The t-shirts have the words ‘Nulli Secundus’ on them – ‘Second to None’.   

4A -   Montgomery CS  

4B -   Aston J and Zhiyou (Chiyu) Z

4C -   Elliot T

5A -   Dongyang L

5B -   Rupert L 

5C -   Kostya G and Theo H

5D -   Orson H 

MFL- French

1st Form Effort Prize -     Edward CS 

2nd Form Effort Prize -    Otto C and William N

3rd Form Effort Prize -     Fergus B

4th Form Effort Prize -     Fred L

5th Form Effort Prize - Rupert L

3rd Form  Academic Achievement Prize -   Yehor D 

4th Form - Academic Achievement Prize -  Aston J

5th Form - Academic Achievement Prize -  Dongyang L



Music Competitions:  
Solo Singing Final - Bertie D

Under 9’s House Music Competition Final:
1st Form   -   Roger X
2nd Form  -   George C

Under 11’s House Music Competition Final:  
4th Form -      Anand N

Under 13’s House Music Competition Final:
6th Form -  Leo T


Level 1:  Tom F, Rex , Louis M, Wilbur R, Thomas I, Jack J
Level 2:  Reyess G, Jesse B, Akam B, Oliver T, Rafe G, Joshua SG, George C, Benjamin A, Raqeen G
Level 3:  Thomas L, Hugo H, William N, Harry S 
Level 4: Jackson C, Reuven H, Cotty P, Agastya A, Toby P, Jeevan D, Gaston LG, Connor L, Gabriel D, George H, George D
Level 6:  Hamish L
Level 7:  Alfred A, Taro E, Anton F, Charlie B, Anand N, Elliot T
Bronze : David Hunter 
Silver  :  Oliver Casey, Freddie Boardman, Aron Johal             


3rd Form  -  Sketchbook Prize - Toby P     
4th Form   - The Creative Club Prize - Rahul M
Arts Ties Awarded to Alex and Antony Cheng     


Certificates Awarded from Sports Day will be sent out to all Year Groups.   

Inter-house swimming gala: Cooper House

Record breakers:
Backstroke - Henry C
Breaststroke - James M
Individual Medley - Harry S
Individual Medley - George H
Individual Medley - Otis FB

Players of the term - Tom F & Ben S

The following boys came 1st – 3rd in the Victor Ludorum in each year group for earning the most House Points in the House Athletics Competition on Sports Day. They will be presented with a medal at the start of next term, or on Wednesday for the 6th Form boys:

1st Form
3rd – Zain M
2nd – Alexander R
1st – Edward CS

2nd Form
3rd – Josh SG & Louis M
2nd – Akam B
1st – Rory H

3rd Form
3rd – Hugo B
2nd – Rex W
1st – George H

4th Form
3rd – Freddie PB & James G
2nd – Leopold R
1st – Montgomery CS

5th Form
3rd – Otis FB
2nd – Andrew C, James C & Arman FF
1st – Daniel BP

6th Form
3rd – Dylan G
2nd – Giacomo R
1st – Ben J

An extra mention also goes to Ben J who broke the School 300m record at the Stowe Athletics meeting with a time of 42.10 seconds breaking the previous record by half a second held by Lucas N.

Colours in Athletics - Dylan G, Giacomo R, Ben J



Junior House Cricket: Jenkins 
Senior House Cricket:  McArthur
Overall Winners: Jenkins 

CPL Champions 2021: Slough Sledgehammers
CPL Runners-up: Denham Devils
Leading Run Scorer: Arthur D (52)
Leading Wicket Taker: Alex A (5)
Best Fielder: Arthur D (2 catches)
Big 6 Champion: Daniel S

Big Bash Champions: Maidenhead Monsters
Big Bash Runners-up: Farnham Foxes
Big Bash Best Bowler: Elliot T (4)
Big Bash Best Batsman: Charlie K(42)
Best Fielder: Alex L (4)

Bowling Trophies: Ben S, Dario H, Gaston LG, Edward C, Aston J

Batting Trophies: Yusuf J, Blake P, Joe C, Jed H, Eric P

1st XI Cricket Cup: Dario H

1st Xi Cricket Colours: Dario H



First Lego League:   
Best in 3rd form:  Ethan D & Connor L  
Best in 4th Form:   Anand N, Agastya A, Leo LF, Jeremy Y
Robot Design award:  Ryan K
Core Values award:   Taro E
Overall winners 2021:  Ethan D & Connor L


LAMDA Prize for highest pass marks:
Charlie N - (medal)   


1st Form Declamation - Cup  -   Alexander  R


Rock Awards

1st/2nd: JUNIOR ROCK     Winner Sebastian C

He has shown great integrity and perseverance throughout the year. He always does the right thing in my lessons as well as outside of the classroom. He has coped amazingly with his long journeys to and from school every day and has not complained once.


3rd/4th: MIDDLE ROCK      Winner Kevin L

He has been through a lot over the past two years, he never moans, his character shines through in everything he does and he is a pleasure to be around. He has taken a younger boarder under his wing this term and generally been a stellar big brother to him.

 5th/6th: SENIOR ROCK     Winner Ejiro A

I was hugely impressed with his bravery and resilience during his time at the hospital and his perseverance with his broken leg over the last few weeks. He never let it get him down and showed great independence in managing Caldicott life on crutches. Aside from his injury he also always shows great joy and humour in everything he does.




First Form:  

Perseverance: Danny L, Joshua B, Alexander R  

Integrity:   Fedor V, Nikhil S, Robby WC

Courage:    Alexander R, Ali M, Milo B  

Compassion:    Nikhi S, Alexander R, Edward CS  

Humour:    Milo B, Xan vH, Honza H


Second Form:  

Perseverance: Brian L, Jujhaar G, Dawood M

Integrity:   Sebastian C, Raqeen G, Rory H

Courage:   Saxon G, James S, Hugo H  

Compassion:   Benjamin A, George C, William N

Humour:    Wilbur R, Rafe G, Joshua SG


Third Form:  

Perseverance: Rex W, Connor L, Toby P

Integrity:   Cotty P, Thomas F, Yash G  

Courage:   Yehor D, Fergus B, Stanley X

Compassion:    Angus W, Wulfie C, Toby A

Humour:   Cosmo C, Rex N, Adam D 


Fourth Form:  

Perseverance;  Anton F, James G, Nate W

Integrity;      Rahul M, Anand N, Noah JB  

Courage;      Leo LF, Peter Y, Sydney L

Compassion;    Edward B, Alex L, Elliot T 

Humour;           Oscar C, Fred L, Charlie B


Fifth Form:  

Perseverance:     Marcus S, Ejiro A, Nikhil L

Integrity:       Max BS, Ryan K, Tommy A

Courage:       Edward C, Valiant L, Harry B

Compassion:     George M, George F, Charlie T

Humour:              Dongyang L, Jack T, Mosese T


Sixth Form:  

Perseverance:  Alex C, Torin T, William B

Integrity:  Leander S, Ben J, William G  

Courage:   Ben S, Borja AODV, Aarav S

Compassion:   Jack C, Oliver C, Blake P

Humour:      Stanley N, Charlie S, Ben S


Boarding Awards

Outstanding Boarder of the Term Awards:


3rd & 4th Forms   Winner: Alfred A

He has been absolutely stellar on the boarding house this term. He is proactive in organising them each evening, getting snacks without being asked and so incredibly patient with others in his dorm. He deserves to be praised.   

5th Form:   Joint Winners: Tommy A/Ryan K 

I would like to nominate Tommy A for supporting me when I was home sick.   

I would like to nominate Tommy as he has been very kind to me during breakfast, supper and upstairs and also helps me get through the day by opening doors and getting me salad at meals because I can't.

I'd like to nominate Ryan K as he is the kindest person i have ever met. Every day helps me getting my dirty shoes on because of my knee. It takes a lot of courage to do that as well. I have always been wondering if he would get more awards as he totally deserves it. I am writing this nomination because he is the kindest person in the school and I think the school should notice it. 

6th Form  Winner: Leander S 

Leander S: thoroughly decent young man who is kind, caring and considerate. He just gets on with things, never fusses and is always polite and cheerful. 


Additional Awards

Junior Effort Cup  : Tom F        

Senior Effort Cup    Montgomery CS           

Reading Cup:          Xan vH

Pluses Cup :           Brian L           

Plusses Prizes – will be sent out to all Year Groups.