Old Caldicotians Make Their Mark at Senior School

06 July 2021


We've received lots of news recently, from top Senior Schools, sharing some of our Old Caldicotians achievements...



George Coomber (OC 2011-2017) We heard wonderful news from George’s younger brother, Joe (Caldicott 5th Form), that George has been elected into The Eton Society (informally known as Pop) and has also been captaining the 2nd XI. We look forward to seeing him in his waistcoat of choice in September. 

Gregory Cusworth (OC 2010-2016) after a successful final year as House Captain of Common Lane and Keeper of the Film of Eton’s outstanding production of ‘Hamlet’, Greg is off to do a Dual BA at Trinity College, Dubkin and Columbia University, New York to study English.

Harry Lloyd Yorke (2010-2016) gave an outstanding performance as the title role in Eton’s filmed production of ‘Hamlet’. The production was recorded during lockdown and later screened in the Odeon cinema, Covent Garden. Hailed as amongst one of the best performances ever at Eton, Harry has certainly made his mark. His outstanding commitment to drama at Eton earned him the Farrer Cup.

Alfie Turner (OC 2013-2018) has been awarded his sports colours for his athletics and, as he did during his Caldicott years, is proving himself to be quite the Cross-Country runner. 

Beau Goding (OC 2014-2020) has been awarded a Trials Prize for excellent results in his Mathematics.  



Harrow's Registrar, Dr Sie, wrote to Mr Banks to inform him that the following ex-Caldicott boys have been appointed as School Monitors for next academic year 2021-22. There were 25 appointments out of 170 in the year group. 

Fred Bethell (OC 2011-2017), who is also Head of his House, West Acre, and Captain of Military Fitness,  Adam Chambers (OC 2013-2017) also elected to the Guild and is Deputy Head of Rendalls. 

Max Ferreira (OC 2011-2017) in the 1st XI and member of the Philathletic Club.  

Nick Martin (OC 2011-2017) also a member of the Philathletic Club and the Guild.  

We've also heard that Hugo Heffer (OC 2012-2017) is in the Philathletic Club and Henry Ridley (OC 2012-2018) has been invited to join ‘The Harrovian’ Editorial Board. 



We were thrilled to hear that Stan Munro (OC 2011-2016) was awarded the Purnell Gift Prize for contribution to school life. Ben Smyth (OC 2014-2020) and James Ferry (OC 2014-2020) have both been awarded sports scholarships. 



Thomas Bracken (OC 2011-2017) was a brilliant Head Boy at Caldicott and has recently been appointed Head of E Social at Radley College.



Zach Kirton (OC 2012-2018) has been awarded an Academic Exhibition and has been playing well in the U14A Cricket team.