Don't Judge a Book By its Cover

25 June 2021


Don’t judge a book by its cover! That was Ma’am Elson’s lesson to the 2nd Form this week during their reading time on Thursday. With a raise of hands, the boys admitted that they largely base what book they take out of the library on how they like the look of the front cover. Ma’am Elson took that option away from this time, by wrapping up all of the books, simply leaving them with the genre and a brief blurb. They had great fun picking, and there was a rush of excitement as everyone opened their ‘presents’ as the boys were calling them. Most boys said they wouldn’t have selected their books if they could see the cover, meaning they picked something a little different than they would normally go for. Broadening their reading choices is great for improving their reading skills and hopefully they will even find a new favourite!