OCs Share Insight With Our Leavers

24 June 2021


Harrow House Mater, Ben Shaw, delivered an insightful and hugely beneficial talk to our leavers about life at senior school. Relevant to all boys, irrespective of what senior school they will be moving on to, his gave us his 1st XI of the do's and don'ts in your first year. This was followed up with a Q&A with three Old Caldicotians who are in Mr Shaws house, The Park. Henry R (OC 2012-18) Brandon T (2017-19) and Hugo E (OC 2014-20) were wonderful at answering questions, giving their perspective of life at senior school, often reinforcing the sage words of wisdom imparted by Mr Shaw. 

This was followed by a powerful presentation by Rob Gaylard (OC 1988-1991), who joined us via Teams from New York. Rob talked to the boys about the humanitarian landscape and his role working for the United Nations as the Head of The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). Teaching our boys to be global citizens and stand up for what is right is something that we believe in strongly and there is no better way for our boys to learn than from an Old Caldicotian.