1st Form Dazzle in Their Declamations

11 June 2021


On Friday, the 1st Formers took to the Chapel to perform the pieces they have been practising for the last few weeks. The declamations are a key part of Caldicott life, and one of the ways confidence and passion is encouraged in the boys. There were a variety of pieces on display; some were challenging, and some were funny – all the performers should be proud.

Mr Evans was overwhelmed by how well the boys performed as a whole and went around the room, giving encouraging feedback to every boy. It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of peers and a camera and perform a piece from memory, and everyone did marvellously to convey the tone of their pieces with such style and composure.

Congratulations to all the boys for their performances, they clearly enjoyed their time in the spotlight and opportunity to express themselves through some brilliant spoken performances.

The winners can be found below:

Winner – Alex RHigh Flight by John Gillespie Magee

Runner Up – Danny LPillow Talk by Roger McGough

Third Place – Ali MAll My Great Excuses by Kenn Nesbitt

Special Prize – Basti VHCats by Eleanor Farjeon