Swim the Channel Challenge | An Update

11 June 2021


So far, our ‘Swim the Channel Challenge’ has raised £1868.75 which will be split evenly between the two charities we are supporting this year, The Marine Conservation Society and Cancer Research UK. Thank you to our parents for sponsoring the boys, which has led to this impressive sum. Please keep donations coming!

The challenge has thoroughly surged its way through the school and as a result we are miles ahead of schedule. Caldicott has completed 2165 lengths of the pool; we only needed 1689 to have crossed the English Channel, and so with a week still to go, we are setting a new goal. The challenge is now to swim the length of the Bristol Channel, a daunting 75 miles, or 6033 lengths of the school pool!

Below you can see some photos of AM’s (6th Form) dad, Angus, completing his English Channel swim back in 2006. He was a part of a three-man relay team who impressively completed their swim in 11 hours 6 minutes. With the Channel being the busiest shipping lane in the world (600 ships journey the waters every day), the ships get incredibly close to the swimmers, as you can see from the photos - fortunately, we haven’t had the same issue in our pool.

AW’s (3rd Form) mum has similarly completed a relay swim of the English Channel, photos of which can also be found below. In July 2019, she worked with three others to complete their swim in 13 hours 51 minutes, which especially given the new moon and spring tide is an impressive feat.

On Thursday 17 June, Daniel Shailer (Ben's (6th Form) older brother), a member of the Cambridge Open Water Swimming team, will be visiting Caldicott to share his experience of swimming the English Channel and talking us through the preparation he is currently putting in place for his attempt to swim the Bristol Channel later this year.

Our boys have quite the challenge ahead of them, but we are confident they will triumph! Again, thank you to everyone who sponsors the boys and contributes to the two amazing charities we are working with.