House Music Finals 2021

28 May 2021


This year’s House Music Finals has been Caldicott’s most highly anticipated music event of 2021, and throughout the competition has provided our musicians with clear goals. They have been working incredibly hard in their individual music lessons, and it very much showed when they had their chance in the spotlight on Thursday. The prominence of the event was only amplified by our esteemed adjudicator for the morning, David Woodcock, the Director of Music at Harrow. We are very grateful to Mr Woodcock for his time, and for his brilliant feedback he gave to every boy that performed; explaining what he liked about their piece and what could be improved. This was unsurprisingly a very special experience for those that took part, and to be able to represent their houses in another competition, made it that much sweeter.

The finals were split into four parts: the ‘Solo Singing Showcase’, the ‘U9s Junior Competition’, the ‘U11s Intermediate Competition’ and the ‘U13s Senior Competition’. After all of the scores kindly provided by Mr Woodcock were tallied, the winning house for the House Music Competition was McArthur – the House Captain was proudly presented with the House Music Cup as evidence of this.

The winners of each competition are as follows:

Solo Singing Showcase: Bertie D (4th Form)

U9: Joint winners: George C (2nd Form) and Roger X (1st Form)

U11: Winner - Anand N (4th Form)Runner up - Stanley X (3rd Form)

U13: Winner - Leo T (6th Form)Joint runners up - Henry C (6th Form) and Daniel S (5th Form)


A video of the performances will be available for parents to watch at their leisure in the first newsletter after half term.