Scholars' Supper 2021

25 May 2021


Many of our 6th Formers have been working very hard the last few months, honing their skills and ensuring there are no gaps in their knowledge, to aid them as they sit their scholarship exams. We are very proud of all boys who undertook the rigorous process to secure a place in top senior schools around the country. Boys have been pursuing scholarships in the Arts, Academia and Sport; and we are proud to say that many of them were successful. Even those who were unsuccessful can hold heir heads up high, as they worked incredibly hard and attained remarkable results, putting them in good stead for the next stage in their schooling.

Ma'am Naidoo shared her thoughts, 'I am very proud of all those boys who have attempted a scholarship this year. For many it has been a journey that began at least two years ago. These boys have stayed the course and have proven that with hard work, nothing is impossible and if they did not hit the target now, they certainly will in the future.'

This week, the boys got the opportunity to put on their smartest attire and enjoy this year’s Scholars’ Supper; an occasion where boys get the chance to dine with the staff that have helped them on their journey at Caldicott. The event is also a celebration of their determination and perseverance, traits we are always looking to incite in our boys.