Luca’s Tonbridge Scholarship

20 May 2021


Luca K got the exciting news this week that he was successful in securing a scholarship at Tonbridge. Luca shared his story about how he found out, ‘I was asking and asking if there was news constantly, and then the one hour I stopped, Ma'am Naidoo and Mr Banks came into my class and asked to see me. I was nervous and didn’t know whether to walk quickly or slowly! Then, Ma’am Naidoo said that she had some good news to tell me, and my class all started applauding; I thought to myself, that’s very embarrassing if I didn’t get it…’ Fortunately, Luca did get the scholarship, and not only that, but his grades were exceptional. Out of the 35 candidates for the scholarship, his grades placed him second among them (something he only found out a couple of days ago).

Talking about the preparation he did, Luca said that the first term of 6th Form was the hardest, as he was learning new things all the time. Come the Spring Term and it became more about revising past papers and learning exam technique; something he found useful, ‘that was great for me as my time management skills weren’t my greatest strength’.

He is very much looking forward to starting at Tonbridge, with the greater freedom to get stuck into exciting projects, supported by the extensive resources and opportunities that the school provides. You might expect some nerves about boarding, but Luca said that the system was very similar to what he is used to at Caldicott, and so he is ready for it.