Headmaster's Blog | Friday 14 May 2021

14 May 2021


Having written to you the other day, you’ll know that my week has been dominated by further operational guidance from the Department for Education. I’ll not drag out the range of issues related to nearly being back to normal, but it is more complicated than full lockdown. I’m buoyed, of course, by the fact that it is all worth it as the boys are getting the experience they want. Furthermore, I’d like to reiterate my thanks to you parents for expressing the view that we should focus on the boys and put the desire of parents second. The final word on reopening for Stage 3 is an important clarification – we are going ahead with the plan for spectators at sports fixtures. This is detailed fully in the my letter to you on Thursday 13 May.

All is well in a school when tasty treats start to appear at Headmaster’s study door because the esprit de corps is plain to see. Twice this week I have had such a moment! Firstly, it is our tradition that boarders have a small birthday party when their special day comes along and a delicious cake is shared. If teaches are very lucky a slice may go their way, as I was when a slab of cream covered cake arrived at my door. On the second occasion, it was the work of our scholars who were exploring the chemistry of cooking chicken tikka. As you may have seen in my twitter feed, a mini-plate of food arrived at just the right moment!

Looking ahead I am so pleased that our House Drama and House Music competitions are happening for the boys to enjoy. The breadth of opportunity at Caldicott is how they acquire the twinkle in their eye, which we value so much.

Have a good weekend.