Kodom No Hi | Boarders' Supper

13 May 2021


Last Friday, our boarders enjoyed another international-inspired Supper, this time celebrating ‘Kodomo No Hi’, also known as ‘Children’s Day’ in Japan. It is one of the most popular national holidays in Japan and it celebrates children’s personalities as well as their happiness, wellbeing and progress. The Japanese cuisine consisted of delicious miso chicken sesame wings, followed by the main course of beef teriyaki with green onions and sticky rice and topped off with strawberry and meringue sundae.

As well as enjoying a scrumptious meal with their friends, the boys got a taste of a different culture; a wider perspective and global curiosity is always something we strive to promote in Caldicott boys. See below for some photos of the boys relishing their meal, or maybe they’re just having difficulty with the chopsticks…