Charity Committee

14 May 2021


This week it was the charity committee’s turn to meet. The boys in the charity committee, led by the Chair, Ma’am Duncan, have a key part to play in the selecting of charities to support as well as the planning of events to fund said charities. The members consist of a variety of ages, and houses in order to be as representative as possible.

The charity book sale took place on Friday and was the first subject of discussion in this week’s meeting. The book sale is supporting a charity that is close to the hearts of all Caldicotians, the Dusty Yak Foundation, which aims to relieve the poverty and advance the education of orphans, neglected, impoverished and/or sick children in need in Nepal. The charity is run by one of our parents and some of our boys will be supporting their girls throughout the term with ‘lessons’ in English writing and speaking which will take place over video calls. As well as encouraging boys to get excited about reading and share their passion with their peers, the book sale has raised funds for a brilliant charity. 

More charity work we are involved in at the moment comes in the form of helping the Ruth Strauss Foundation; another charity where, as a school, we have a personal connection. It is Dying Awareness Matters Week, which aims to encourage families to have the difficult conversation about the death of a loved one. It is not a subject that is easy to approach, and so we are proud to have shown our support through our remembrance garden (pictured below) which provides a place for boys and staff alike to reflect.

The Summer Fete is a major event for the boys that also involves a lot of their contributions, through ideas as well as running stalls. Ma’am Duncan opened the floor to the boys, who discussed stalls that they would like the Friends of Caldicott and our boarders to run. Many ideas were suggested including: a sweetie tombola, ‘sweet pong’, doughnuts on a string, and the fan favourite… the chance to throw wet sponges at a teacher! The theme of the fete was also discussed, with a nautical tone being the conclusion. The fete will be running alongside another charity-driven event, in which boys will be sponsored to swim laps of the pool to try and collectively swim the channel. The charity that will be supported by the fete was discussed by the boys but has yet to be finalised.