Drama Workshop with Mr Adam Cross, Director of Drama at Harrow School

01 November 2019


Caldicott was delighted to welcome Harrow’s Director of Drama, Mr Adam Cross, Thursday 31 October, where he delivered a workshop for a group of the school’s budding thespians.

The group of 17 boys from the 4th - 6th Form took part in the session, which focused on developing their dramatic skills through a series of improvisation exercises and Greek choral work. From the very start, Mr Cross had the boys fully engaged and eager to share the work that they were creating with each other as the session progressed. The boys responded exceptionally well to all of the questions that he posed, challenging them to think more deeply about the work they were creating and articulate their observations to the group, all the while enhancing their understanding of the key skills required for an actor. He also stressed the importance of teamwork in drama, and this was certainly something that the boys took on board and was evident in their approach to each task.

The Q&A session at the end gave the boys an opportunity to ask questions about the important role that drama plays in senior schools and offered Mr Cross the chance to give them tips on how best to prepare for auditions.

The boys were most grateful to Mr Cross for this opportunity and they look forward to applying what they have learned.

Jo Duncan


‘It was really helpful to be able to ask questions and get advice about auditions and monologue choices. It was also good to get experience of how drama is taught in senior schools.’

George T (6th Form)

‘I enjoyed working with the text and creating theatre with boys from different year groups.’

Max LF (5th Form)

Drama Workshop with Mr Adam Cross,  Head of Drama at Harrow School