Walking Hadrian’s Wall for Dusty Yak and the Ruth Strauss Foundation

02 October 2019


Over the weekend, nine Caldicott boys took on a grueling 23 miles walking Hadrian’s Wall. They did so to raise money for two very important charities: Dusty Yak Foundation and Ruth Strauss Foundation.

  • Dusty Yak Foundation aims to relieve poverty, advance education and protect and preserve the health of orphans, neglected, impoverished and/or sick children in need in Nepal and elsewhere in the world who are suffering from such hardship and distress.
  • Ruth Strauss Foundation provides emotional, psychological and wellbeing support to patients and their families going through a similar experience and funds research into rare lung cancers.

The boys, and their parents, had a fantastic weekend and have raised an amazing £12,000!

Cheques will be presented to the charities soon.

Boys walk Hadrian's Wall for Charity