Caldicott Speech Day 2019

03 July 2019


The Caldicott community came together for a very enjoyable Speech Day on Wednesday 3 July. We were delighted to celebrate another successful academic year and all the boys’ achievements.

The day started with a Chapel Service for all the 6th Form Leavers and their parents, followed by drinks on the Headmaster’s Lawn. After the service and drinks, the whole school gathered in the Sports Hall for prize giving.

Chair of Governors, Malcolm Swift, started proceedings by reflecting on his time as Chair this year and the work of the Governors at Caldicott. He welcomed new Governors to the board and introduced two new committees: Education, and Marketing and Development. He also went on to thank Howard Summers, who is retiring after 23 years at Caldicott, for his contribution to the school and education of the boys. Mr Summers was given a standing ovation from parents, boys and staff.

Malcolm Swift then passed onto Jeremy Banks for the Headmaster’s address. Mr Banks started reading from an email he received from a member of the public where they wanted to praise two boys who helped them one day. They remarked how polite, well-mannered and respectful the boys were. Something, Mr Banks, and the school, is very proud of and hopes to instil this attitude and politeness in all the boys. He went on to reflect on the past year and praised the community in all their support. Mr Banks talked about the outstanding Common Entrance results and Scholarships, as well as the great work of the charity efforts this year. Charity work is fundamental to the boys’ teachings; it helps them to be grounded, engaged with the real world and encourages them to make a difference. This year the school has raised an impressive £35,662 for a variety of charities. Looking ahead, Mr Banks went onto say that Caldicott is in a good position to keep moving forward with the vision that every boy will fulfil their academic potential and become great all-rounders with the charisma and grit to succeed. The school’s ethos of Excellence in Education, Treasuring Tradition and Cherishing Childhood will continue. To end the address he acknowledged the hard work of the staff and said farewell to those leaving the school this year: Hugo Fildes (Head of History), Howard Long (Head of Classics), Rob Whitmell (English), Jonny Eastman (Gap Student), Will Hitchman (Science) and Howard Summers (Senior Master). He also gave thanks to the parent body for their continued support of the school and special thanks went to Wendy Duckworth, Chair of the Friends of Caldicott.

The guest speaker for this year was MP and former Minister for Culture, Commincations and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey. Mr Vaizey gave a brilliant address to the boys which covered the present England cricket scores in the World Cup, Brexit, his career in politics, but most importantly, how the creative industries will shape the boys future careers and ambitions. He went onto say that studying arts based subjects in school can help with the varied skillset needed for the real world; help with other subjects such as science and that creative jobs are not at risk like other traditional careers may be. He said ‘Creativity is an important and desirable skill within the work place. A quality that can never be replaced and your hobbies can become careers.’

During prize giving, as well as awards and prizes being presented, there were a number of short films showing the Caldicott Leavers and a showcase of all the wonderful things the boys have been a part of this year.

Speech Day was a fantastic and fitting way to celebrate everything the boys have achieved this year.

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Caldicott Speech Day 2019