Caldicott 2nd Form Boys Explore the Living Rainforest

13 June 2019


The 2nd Form headed to the Living Rainforest in Newbury recently as part of their learning on Rainforests. A topic that they have been studying in their Geography lessons this year.

The Living Rainforest is an indoor greenhouse rainforest, which is home to over 700 different tropical plants and animals including rare and endangered species of global conservation value. It is run by the charity Trust for Sustainable Living.

When they arrived, the boys went on a guided tour that focused primarily on animal adaptations. The boys learnt about how plants and animals have adapted to living in this environment with a focus on the different layers of a rainforest and how these adaptations can lead to evolution over time. The boys were fascinated and had plenty of questions for the staff. After the tour, they had some free time to explore the area with their teachers and had the opportunity to see some of the plants and animals they have learned about in their lessons.

The highlights of the trip for the boys were seeing Harry the armadillo, Cinnamon the sloth (although he was quite hidden away) and the Goeldi’s monkeys. These monkeys have their own language with almost 50 high-pitched calls they can alert each other to food or danger. The noise could be heard from all around the forest.

Overall, the boys thoroughly enjoyed their trip and took home some valuable information about animal and plant life in this part of the world.


Caldicott visit the Living Rainforest