Caldicott Boys urge MP, Dominic Grieve, to help Protect the Planet

05 June 2019


Caldicott welcomed local Beaconsfield MP, the Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve, to school before half term to hear from boys about climate change and the problem with plastic.

In their PSHEE lessons over the past term, all boys have been learning about the human effect on the environment and what they can do to help the crises. Boys in the 4th and 6th Form created campaigns about how people can lessen the impact of climate change and pollution of the planet. The 4th Form focussed on what can be done locally, at home and at school, whereas the 6th Form aimed to tackle the global problem through changing government laws and initiatives.

Sam M (6th Form), started the proceedings with a rap outlining all the environmental problems we are facing in today’s world. Jack H (6th Form) then went on to invite Mr Grieve to listen to their generations questions and fears. He said, ‘We can make a difference, we need to believe that. But, we also need your help. I’m sure you are aware of some of these facts, but I hope hearing them again from children under 14 will influence you to do what we can’t do yet.’

Mr Grieve then visited stands where the boys outlined the problems we face and suggested some solutions to the problems we face nationally as well as globally. Stands included information on littering, especially plastics in our oceans; the destruction of the rainforest because of the impact of palm oil production and the reduction in greenhouse gasses by using electric cars and other alternatives.

When Mr Grieve had visited each stand, Ben S (4th Form) gave an impassioned speech to further the boys’ desires to create change in the world and try to work towards fixing a global problem. He stated, ‘These are all extremely important issues with worldwide catastrophic consequences if neglected. So we must do something about it.’. Ben went on to talk about plastic waste, cigarette buts (the top item in a list of pollutants on the streets), recycling and how other countries are not pulling their weight when it comes to climate change. He urged Mr Grieve to go back to Parliament and take a stand.

Dominic Grieve then spoke to the boys in response to some of the questions and ideas that were raised during the afternoon. He went on to say that the Government is doing a lot to combat climate change with a variety of initiatives in place, such as banning plastic straws, cotton buds and plastic stirrers by 2020; trying to find ways to cut emissions and use alternative energy and persuade other countries to look at their impact. However, he mentioned that this would take time and money. He also went on to say that the boys’ generation will be the ones to make the real difference in combatting climate change and waste and urged them to keep up the fight!

Overall, Mr Grieve said he enjoyed the visit and hearing from his future constituents who are actively engaged in the conversation and prepared to make radical changes to secure the future of the planet for generations to come.

As a school, Caldicott already recycles paper, glass and plastic and is sourcing other ways to be more environmentally friendly and as plastic free as possible. Initiatives such as biodegradable sandwich containers for packed lunches, wooden knives, forks and plates for outside events and locally sourced food to reduce carbon. Caldicott is committed to making a difference when it comes to protecting the planet for now and the future.


Dominic Grieve MP visit Caldicott to hear from boys about climate change