Our support of the Maasai Women Art Health Project

08 May 2019


From funds raised from our 4th Form Bake Sale in October, we were able to support the Massai Women Art [TMWA] Health Project, based in Tanzania.

Annie Francis Orio, who helped set up Maasai Women Art, and her husband Dr Gideon Orio, have since established a health clinic to help the Massai women, and men, by providing lifesaving advice and education. Health education topics include family planning, HIV, nutrition, first aid, disease transmission, hygiene and environmental cleanliness.

The project that we, and you, have supported are continuing the work of their clinic and enabled it to have a wider reach by teaching Maasai communities about health education through small drama productions. The first drama productions were held earlier this year and the voluntary counselling and testing days took place after them. The drama group are very good at getting everyone to participate, they start with songs that people know, and in this case, they were able to sing Maasai songs so everyone loved it!

With the success of the HIV drama in getting the issues across, there are plans to run similar projects exploring family planning and FGM. The clinic wishes to do additional health education sessions for each group on these specific issues after the drama sessions, and we are currently raising funds to help them do just this.  

Our pre-loved book sale in May will be another fundraiser for this project and we welcome your support.

Jo Duncan


Our support of the Maasai Women Art Health Project