Cardiff Rugby Tour

25 November 2016

Cardiff Tour 2016 - Student Report


As we crossed the border to Wales there was much anticipation in the air everyone of the 22 boys on the two minibuses were almost certainly here to win. Our first game was on Friday evening. It was as miserable as it could have been and as muddy as a pig sty and looked like a swimming pool.


As the game kicked off  the rain had calmed down and had turned into a light drizzle and new playing rules in wales like playing 15 aside and having lineouts, which were not ideal playing conditions and didn’t suit are normal game so we had to adjust to these new playing rules and the weather. They were ruthless at the breakdown and just about coped with them going in with a score at halftime of 5-0 in our favour. However the second half was a different story St Peter's had brought on a brand new team and we simply couldn’t live with them, especially the inside centre.


We woke up the following morning after a great night at a host’s house were we did multiple enjoyable activities such as playing XBox and watching many movies. Half the boys were privileged

enough to be invited by their host’s to come trampolining with them the next day which was very fun for those boys! We then journeyed to the Mercure Hotel and had some yummy food, the Italian classic Spaghetti Bolognese and a traditional fish and chips (nice and English).


We set off towards the newly named Principality Stadium for an exciting game highlighted by Mr Summers belting out the Welsh National Anthem. The first half best moment in the boy’s opinion was  Liam Williams being sent off for 10 minutes much to the disappointment of one particular teacher.


That  evening we went to a very nice restaurant in Cardiff called Viva Brazil it was amazing  the range of meat from Lamb sprinkled with parmesan to chickens heart. After the meal, which everyone enjoyed, as we were leaving a Japanese Rugby player and now a commentator asked if we wanted a photo with him, of course we did!


The next morning we woke up and were hungry for victory and had a big breakfast in order to refuel our energy levels. As we boarded the two minibuses we were up for the game despite being told we were playing one match less, to our disappointment. The match started with much the same energy and because of this we were fortunate to get an early try scored by George Stavely showing some pace. The game went on and we were in deadlock for the rest of the first half. They managed to pull away in the second half due to their fresh legs in the second half, they went on to win a well deserved victory.


We all had a great time on tour and would like to thank Mr Summers, Mr Williams and Mr Zengerink for the wonderful experience.


G Black