RAF Museum - 1st Form

25 November 2016

First Form Trip to the RAF Museum

This week the first form travelled back in time to 1939 to experience life during World War II at the RAF Museum. Dressed as evacuees, they made their own boxes for gas masks, received identity cards and heard all about life during the Blitz from an air raid warden. They even experienced what an air raid would have been like; rushing into the shelter when the siren sounded. Luckily the all-clear siren sounded and, despite Ma'am Rule pretending otherwise we were able to explore the rest of the museum.

The boys enjoyed seeing and learning about many planes that were used during World War II; including the huge Lancaster Bomber, a spitfire and a hurricane. They had a great time going inside some of the planes and helicopters and seeing how they worked. The boys also had the chance to try on real RAF uniforms; turning into a squadron of pilots, air gunners and bombers.  

It was a fantastic and enjoyable day which we hope the First Form will remember for years to come!