5th and 6th Form debate- Results

17 October 2016

Caldicott's first inter-year debate

The fifth and sixth form gathered in Centenary Hall on Monday to witness the first inter-year group debating competition.  Each English class in the top two years had put forward one debating champion to intellectually wrestle with the chosen issues. 

The first debate was proposed by the 6th form, who argued that Democracy was not the best form of government.  The fifth form put forward a very powerful opposition to this, but ultimately were defeated by the rhetorical might of the sixth form.  Nevertheless, the judging panel, made up of Mr Evans, Ma'am Cusworth and Mr Fildes, decided that the best performer in this debate was fifth former R Catherwood Smith. 

The second debate, proposed by the fifth form suggested that students should be allowed to elect their own teachers.  This provoked a great deal of thoughtful examination and even prompted some floor speeches from the boys in the audience.  The ultimate decision was that the sixth form had been more convincing with their opposing arguments and the stand out performer was judged to be N Harris.

It was an impressive display of public speaking from both sides and all participants should be congratulated.  Mr Evans