Usborne Book Fair 2016 - Thank you

10 October 2016

Usborne Book fair update

The Usborne Book fair on Thursday and Friday was a great success. The boys loved wondering around the tables looking at all the different books on offer –there were over 400 titles available and there really was something for everyone (although some had to be persuaded that they really didn’t want ‘1001 Paper Aeroplanes’ again this year!). 

 There were some fantastic books on offer – the boys particularly liked the books about Poisonous and Dangerous animals as well as the beautifully bound ‘Illustrated Greek Myths’ and ‘Tales from King Arthur’. We made over £2,500 in commission from sales and this means that we can buy some lovely new books for the classrooms, library and Boarding House. Thank you everyone.

The books will be delivered to school after Half Term on Monday 31st October and will be given to the boys that afternoon.

Ma’am Elson