Assembly 7/10/2016

07 October 2016

Assembly this week opened with Taran Glazebrook becoming the first Caldicott musician to perform to the school on the wonderful Steinway concert grand which we are now privileged to own, and which is in the Centenary Hall. He played a short but very beautiful romantic piece called Erster Schmerz (First Sorrow) by Sergei Bortkiewicz, introducing it himself by explaining that he had performed it last Saturday at a schools coffee concert in Windsor Parish Church as part of the Windsor Festival. Thank you to Taran for his performance this morning, and for representing the school with distinction in Windsor during our Exeat last weekend. He is setting an excellent example to all our young musicians.

The following were then applauded for their efforts:





C Noble

Highly Commended


A super piece of descriptive writing.

G Rubino

Highly Commended


A super piece of descriptive writing.

F Catherwood Smith

Highly Commended


Excellent Presentation on Hydrogen

Mr Summers then congratulated the U12 Rugby players for their excellent manners and behaviour at Solihull: many members of the public commented on this.

The Question of the Week (If you could invent something to make life easier for people, what it be and why?) was won by D Nakhmanovich who said that he would invent a machine to purify water for the world.

Mr Timms then talked about something extraordinary happened in the recent triathlon event in Mexico. You can follow the link here.

Mr Harper reminded boys about volunteering for the School Council. Boys have until the end of the weekend to email him why thye think they might be a good candidate.

Mr Lane and Hutching then ran through the football and rugby results, which can be found here: