Chimp Paradox

06 October 2016

by Jack S and George W

On the 29th of September, two members of the Chimp Paradox team came to Caldicott to talk about the Chimp Paradox and how it works. Tim Buckle is an ex-GB cyclist and represented GB in the Common Wealth Games in 2002. Later on he joined the Chimp Paradox team and takes an athlete centred look on his mentoring. Sabrina Francis on the other hand has a BSc in sport and exercise science. She then went on to become a PE teacher and is now working with Chimp Paradox.

They talked about the work of Professor Steve Peters who wrote a book called ‘The Mind Management’, and by the looks of it, he sounds like a very inspiring man. Tim Buckle then asked someone to come up. Everyone was very hesitant at first, but when he assured us, a bunch of people rushed up. One boy was awarded a packet of sweets because he was first up. Sabrina then went on to talk about more of an educational side of the talk. She talked about how the brain had many parts, but the main, simplified parts were the Computer which stores all memories, the Human which is facts, truth and logical thinking whereas Chimp is feelings, impressions and then emotional thinking.

When it was Tim Buckle’s turn to speak again, he called out two people to come up and dress as a Chimp, and a Human. There was a row of chairs set up, and in the middle was chocolate and an apple. The Chimp sat at one end, closer to the food, and the Human the other so that they could have a race to see who could get to the food first. The Chimp won! This is because in the brain “the Chimp” collects data five times faster than “the human”.

Overall, it was a very interesting talk and I think all of us can take something out of it. Both Sabrina and Tim were both excellent at keeping us entertained throughout the talk. Jack and I think we can speak for everyone in saying that we greatly enjoyed having them talk to us about the Chimp Paradox for the evening.