Assembly 30.6.16

30 June 2016

Question of the Week

Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

D. Scrope wins for the second week in a row, with his answer, "I would rather be a worried genius because I could use it to make other people happy, so therefore I would be happy." Well done!

A Novelist in the Making

Fifth Former, T. Bracken recently wrote a whole book in his spare time; a novel entitled, "Lirat: Five Kingdoms, Four Kings and One Queen." Ma'am Naidoo enjoyed reading T. Bracken's book so much that she had a copy printed and bound for him, which was presented to him in assembly. Well done - will be on the look out for this novelist's future achievements!    

School Council Update

As the school year is coming to a close, Mr Harper is thinking about next year's new School Council Committee. He will be emailing boys this week about what is involved in being a School Council representative. Boys who are interested in joining the School Council should reply to Mr Harper's email, giving a reason as to why they would like to be considered. Appointments will be made at the beginning of next term, so boys have the summer holidays to respond.

Cricket Fixture Results

There have been some cancellations this week due to poor weather. However a number of matches still went ahead, with some Caldicott wins, and the results can be viewed here.

B. Smyth was awarded a cricket ball for his amazing hat trick in a match this week. Congratulations!

Swimming Gala

The results of Friday's exciting Inter-House Gala will be announced in the final assembly on Monday.

Caldicott swimmers also competed in a home gala against three other schools on Monday, coming in 3rd Place overall. This was the first gala against external competitors for the U8 swimmers, who put in a very good performance. A special congratulations goes to U8 swimmer C.Chambers for winning all of his races. Well done!   

Superstars and Highly Commendeds





A. Clarke



Brilliantly helpful in solving a recycling problem

G. Koval

Highly Commended


Maths exam

I. Ali

Highly Commended


Super maths exam result