Assembly 5.5.16

05 May 2016

Question of the Week

Boys tackled the following question this week: Is it ever right to bully a bully? 

L. Mills won with his excellent answer, "You should treat others the way you would like to be treated." Well done!

Library Monitor

F. Lovejoy was announced as a library monitor.

School Council Update

Members of the School Council gave an informative presentation, updating the school on what they have been up to this year. This included some of the fantastic ideas they are hoping to implement. Please click here to read their presentation. 

London Prep Schools' Golf Cup 

Caldicott golfers had great success at the recent London Prep Schools' Golf Cup. Well done! To read all about it, please click here.

Caldicott Athletics Meeting

It was a busy and exciting afternoon at Caldicott on Tuesday when the school hosted an athletics meeting. The Caldicott athletes did brilliantly, resulting in an overall win for the school.

Particular congratulations go to the boys listed below, who won their individual events (with some new Caldicott records being set!)

Click here to read more about the meeting and to see some pictures.

2nd Form

O. Rogers - 75m and 150m

Edward Mercer - 600m (NEW CALDICOTT RECORD: 2.04.91) and Long Jump

3rd Form

F. Higgins - 800m

4th Form

A. Turner - 1500m

4x100m Relay team - J. Burnell / T. Ratcliff /  B. Adomakoh / J. Edwards

5th Form

L. Ritchie - 1500m

M. Ferreira - Javelin

J. Symonds - Long Jump

4x100m Relay team - G. Weldon / J. Symonds / A. Dean / A. Greenwood

6th Form

R. White - 100m and Shot Put (NEW CALDICOTT RECORD: 12.42m) Rory Cuttell - 300m Will Petschek - Javelin 4x100m Relay team - Rory Cuttell / Felix Abel / Alex Teague / Ricki White

Cricket Fixture Results

Cricket season is well under way, with lots of successful matches being played this week. Click here to take a look at all the the latest fixture results. 


Lots of boys took LAMDA acting exams last term. Ma'am Duncan was delighted with the outstanding results. Congratulations to all who took part!

O. Chambers - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

F. George - Grade 2 Speaking Verse and Prose - Distinction

L. Hope - Grade 2 Speaking Verse and Prose - Distinction

A. Chilvers - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Merit

C. Egan - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Merit

C. Scopes - Grade 3 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

K. Patel - Grade 3 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

W. Frieze - Grade 4 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

O. Crewdson - Grade 4 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

G. Fernley-Whittingstall - Grade 4 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

F. Gallagher  - Grade 4 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

J. Symonds - Grade 3 Acting - Distinction

S. Munro  - Grade 4 Acting - Distinction

W. Conyers  - Grade 4 Acting - Distinction

Z. Yardley - Grade 4 Acting - Distinction

A. Foster - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Merit

A. Du Roy de Bliquy - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

H. Wheatland -  Grade 3 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

G. Carpmael - Grade 3 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

N. Jacobs - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

T. Sykes - Grade 2 Acting (Duo) - Merit

H. Kay-Shuttleworth - Grade 2 Speaking Verse and Prose - Distinction

F. Catherwood Smith - Grade 4 Acting (Duo) - Distinction

Superstars and Highly Commendeds





Arthur Hampel



Star of the Week

Giacomo Rubino



Holiday Diary/presentation

Sam Maynard



Made movie trailer on iMovie for his story

Gleb Koval



92% in assessment

Charlie Chambers

Highly Commended


Brilliant holiday diary

George Turner

Highly Commended


Fantastic rhyming couplet poem

Harry Hall

Highly Commended


Fantastic rhyming couplet poem

Harry Murton

Highly Commended


A super poem

Hugo Evans

Highly Commended


A super poem

Leon Mills

Highly Commended


Fantastic 'Explanation Text' on the Egyptians

Oliver Chambers

Highly Commended


An excellent holiday diary complete with pictures

Sebastian Edwards

Highly Commended


A super poem

Alfred Munro

Highly Commended


89% in assessment

Harry Sibson

Highly Commended


86% in assessment

Jago Catherwood Smith

Highly Commended


80% in assessment

Nicholas Stoian

Highly Commended


88% in assessment

Ruari Catherwood Smith

Highly Commended


85% in assessment

Tiarnan O'Brien

Highly Commended


83% in assessment

Alexander Tsereteli

Highly Commended

Non Class

Very kind and helpful at lunch table