School Council Update

05 May 2016

Members of the School Council gave this update in assembly today:

On our first Saturday back, Mr Harper gathered the school council representatives together to take part in their termly school council meeting. The school council is made up of 13 boys, 2 boys from the 1st Form – 5th Form and 3 boys in the 6th Form. This meeting provides a unique opportunity whereby pupils and staff can listen to each other, share ideas to make Caldicott an even better place.

During the meeting, each boy was able to put forward his ideas. Mr Harper and Mr Timms were both very impressed with the ideas that were being put forward.

One area that we all felt very strongly about was that there should be more recognition of the school houses. The subject of house ties was brought up again but in addition to this, house mascots were discussed; we even suggested that teacher’s doors should be painted to acknowledge what house they are in!

We talked about how some of us would like to participate in different after-school activities. We live very close to Eton Dorney lake and wondered whether Rowing could be an option.  Similarly, some boys also mentioned the possibility of a shooting club.

We also made suggestions on the academic side of the school too. Some of us felt it would be good to reward those boys who have won the Declamation finals and the house shout by having more honours boards dotted around the school.

We also discussed the idea of having a ‘quiet space’ for the boarders so that they can work independently without interruption.

As you can see, we have come up with some super ideas. But has the pupil voice been heard?

Particularly in the winter months, the chess set is often being used at break; quite a few boys have expressed their feelings towards a giant Connect-4 or Jenga set for use in break and lunch times. Through the hard work put in from our school council representatives, we hope to have a few more games dotted across the school. You are all extremely lucky being able to run around the grounds whilst the sun is out but we do realise that sometimes the space can be a little restrictive in the winter months.

One area that some of the 4th Form boys feel passionately about is the topic of sustainability. Quite a lot of boys feel that we could be doing more for the environment at Caldicott and because of this, they have helped to start a Sustainability focus week which is going to be carried out by boys in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Form before half term.

And finally, we have some good news related to the house system. We all appreciate that you want to be recognised and have more of a ‘house identity’. Unfortunately, whilst the subject of house ties proved popular, this would mean a change to the current school uniform which can be quite costly. We have however decided to run a house logo competition which we hope to unveil to you all very soon.

You would have all noticed the School Council board outside of Ma’am Naidoo’s office. If you do want your voice to be heard then please do remember to contact your representative. Without ideas, things can’t happen.