3rd Form Production - The Odyssey

18 March 2016

The 3rd Form have spent this term’s drama lessons preparing for the production of The Odyssey focusing on Odysseus’ trials as he endeavours to get back to his family after times of war. On the way he encounters many obstacles such as the terrifying Cylops, the enchanting sirens and Scylla, the six-headed monster. All boys had a speaking role and enjoyed the preparation. Many thanks to Ma’am Duncan for putting so much work into readying the boys for the performance and Mr Brown for his technical expertise.

Quotes from the boys:

Oscar - 3rd Form: “I played a soldier and really enjoyed the part where we encountered the rocks that we had to row in between. It was so gripping.”

William - 5th Form: "I loved watching my younger brother perform. I have seen all the work he has put in at home learning his lines and it was a fascinating performance!"