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Uniform Price List (updated September 2018)


The Uniform Shop

Our in-house school uniform shop is adjacent to the Sports Hall and run by two former Caldicott parents Emma Bradshaw and Karen Snushall, who work with our supplier The Direct Clothing Company. 


Opening times (during term time)

  • Monday | 1600 - 1700
  • Friday | 0800 - 0900

Uniform can be purchased from the shop (the most advisable method so that uniform may be fitted) and from The Direct Clothing Company’s website.  Or you can email the shop with your requests using the uniform list.

Online card payment details can be given once an order has been placed. Once payment is received the order is prepared for collection from school or for postage which is charged.

For new parents, please contact the shop as early as possible to arrange a uniform fitting. It is also advisable to organise name tapes as early as possible as the supplier, Cash’s, becomes very busy during summer months.


Purchases for Boarders

Any purchases made on behalf of boarders during term time by the matrons are charged at the end of each month.

Second-hand Uniform

Our second-hand uniform shop is adjacent to the Sports Hall and is run by Caldicott parents Narjees, Helen and Michelle.


Opening times (during term time)

  • Monday | 0800 - 0830 | Narjees (07961734590) | Email
  • Tuesday | 1530 - 1600 | Michelle (07775654844 | Email
  • Thursday | 1545 - 1615 | Helen (07922642387) | Email

Individual appointments outside these times may be made with prior agreement. 


Purchasing second-hand uniform

The stock is in excellent condition, including second-hand ski wear. This is a great way to save money while helping the environment by recycling. All money raised goes into a wide range of projects within the school.  Take a look at the price list for further information.

The second-hand uniform shop takes cash or cheque payments only.


Selling second-hand uniform

We are currently overwhelmed with second-hand uniform at the moment and do not require any more items for the time being.

If parents have any uniform in good condition they would like to sell or donate they are asked to please send items into the school office or to take them to the second-hand shop when it is open. 

  • Items to be sold should be washed and clean, and not marked.
  • Any item should have a small paper label (credit card size) safety-pinned onto it, stating a name, contact telephone number, a description (for example rugby shirt) and an indication of size or age.  
  • Items are sorted and priced in the shop.
  • When items are sold, an account is opened in the parent’s name and money accrues as items are sold.
  • 50% of the selling price goes to the parents and 50% goes to the school. For ski wear 75% is given to the parents and 25% goes to the school.
  • A cheque is sent in the post or, for smaller amounts, parents will be notified by email that the money will be sent home by cash in an envelope in a boy’s school bag.
  • Un-labelled items are also received gratefully and these are considered to be donations. 


Notice for current parents:  If you would like to help out at the shop, please do call us or pop into the shop for a chat for more information.