2011 - Spring Term


Middle School: McArthur, Wood, Cooper, Jenkins
Senior School: Jenkins, McArthur, Cooper, Wood

Saturday, 15 January: IAPS BADMINTON at Colet Court

U13 IV 2 pairs: G Atkinson/O Arzt-Jones, A Song/E Eyton. Each pair played 6 matches.
Notable results:
Pair 1 took points off National Squad members.
Pair 2 just missed a quarter final place in the plate competition, pulling back from 7-14 to lose 20-21

Saturday, 15 January: HOCKEY v The Beacon

1st VII (A) Won 4-1. B Nunn (2), T Wright (2)
2nd VII (A) Drew 2-2. W Heywood (2)
Colts A VII (H) Lost 1-2. E Revill
Colts B VII (H) Drew 1-1. J Ritblat

Saturday, 15 January: RUGBY v Papplewick (H)

U8A Won 7-5
U8B Lost 6-10

Tuesday 18 January: CROSS COUNTRY at Caldicott

  CANCELLED - course too wet

Wednesday, 19 January: HOCKEY v Eagle House

1st XI (A) Lost 0-4
2nd XI (A) Drew 0-0
3rd VII (H) Won 6-2. O Arzt-Jones, E Ezekiel, A Wardlaw (4)
4th VII (H) Won 3-2. H McCullagh (2), M Urashima
Colts A XI (A) Drew 0-0
Colts B XI (A) Lost 0-3
Colts C VII (H) Won 2-1. A Pomfret, C Sellers

Wednesday, 19 January: FOOTBALL v Eagle House (H)

U13 C XI Lost 4-6. W Moss (3), D Ruiz-Orfila

Thursday, 20 January: RUGBY v St Columba's (A)

U8 A VII Won 14-12
U8 B VII Won 10-8
U8 C VII Drew 9-9

Thursday, 20 January: SQUASH v Summer Fields

1st V (A) Won 10-0
Colts V (H) Drew 5-5

Saturday, 22 January: HOCKEY v Dragon

1st XI (A) Won 1-0. T Wright
2nd XI (A) Won 2-1. W Heywood, A Wardlaw
3rd VII (H) Won 5-1. O Arzt-Jones, A Eglinton, A Shoff (3)
4th VII (H) Won 5-2. W Blackmore, M Urashima (3), A White
5th VII (A) Won 5-0. H McCullagh, E Pycroft (2), O Roberts (2)

Monday 24 January: BASKETBALL v Lambrook (A)

U13 Won 28-16. J Sandom (10), Z Redgrave (4), J Chibo (4), L Stalder (4), H Guy (2), H Laing (2), A Wardlaw (2)

Tuesday, 25 January: RUGBY v Wetherby (H)

U8 A Drew 5-5
U8 B Won 8-4
U8 C

Lost 3-9

Wednesday, 26 January: HOCKEY v Pangbourne College (A)

1st XI Drew 1-1. E Mackay

Wednesday, 26 January: FOOTBALL v Cheam (A)

U13 C XI Won 2-0. An.Lee, D Sharma. Cheam short, so some players lent!

Wednesday, 26 January: FOOTBALL v Davenies

U11 A XI (H) Lost 0-7
U11 B XI (A) Won 1-0. G Naylor
U11 C XI (H) Lost 1-4. C Maunder

Thursday, 27 January: CROSS COUNTRY - The Oratory Meeting (A) - Starts 1400

U11 Place
U13 Place
1st Caldicott Positons:
U13: 2nd-H Weir; 7th-L Stalder; 11th-T Wildblood; 16th-J Rogers; 32nd-W Moss
U11: 6th-A Curtis; 12th-M Martin-Zakheim; 15th-F Heffer; 21st-O Atkins; 24th-C Sellers

Monday 31 January: BASKETBALL v Yateley Manor (A)

U13 A Lost 16-17. J Sandom (4), H Weir (4), Z Redgrave (6), J Chibo (2)

Wednesday, 2 February: HOCKEY v Bedford

1st XI (A) Lost 1-5. T Wright
2nd XI (A) Won 2-1. J Sandom, A Wardlaw
3rd XI (H) Lost 0-5
4th XI (H) Won 3-2. A Eglinton, F Fordham, H McCullagh
Colts A VII (A) Lost 0-1
Colts B VII (A) Lost 1-2. E Revill
Colts C VII (A) Lost 1-3. D Shortt
Colts D VII (A)

Lost 1-2. A Pomfret

Wednesday, 2 February: RUGBY v Summer Fields

4th XV (H) Won 22-17. N Loder, S Morrisroe, P Turczynowicz, H Wakefield, W Moss (1C)
5th XV (H) Won 56-0. E Curtis, R Dick, J-y Jung, S Kim, J Polley (2), N Tsai, A Rushton (2 & 3C)
6th XV (H) Lost 7-12. H Liang, M Mirzan (1C)
Colts C XII (A) Won 42-7. N Cheung, M Du Toit (2), R Ravagnan, S Sogbesan, G Temple, J Lagesse (6C)
Colts D IX (A) Won 50-15. T Gosal, C Hanberry, J Inch, A Jamil, T Lowe (2), C Maunder (3), R McCullagh

Wednesday, 2 February: RUGBY v Papplewick (H)

U9 A Lost 20-25. O Bell, A Leney (2), T Ward
U9 B Won 25-0. R Litton (2), R Mackenzie (2), E Urashima
U9 C Lost 10-15. Ar.Sangha (2)

Wednesday, 2 February: FOOTBALL v Dair House (A)

U11 VII Won 4-2. A Okuwoga (2), J Chang, O Elgendy
Note: Elgendy (goalkeeper) kicked the length of the pitch to score a goal at the other end.

Thursday, 3 February: CROSS COUNTRY - EAGLE HOUSE Meeting


U8: 6th Place (out of 9): J Marsh – 6th, J Mercer – 18th, W Petschek – 23rd, F Mulcahy – 30th, G Culley – 44th, H Fernyhough – 45th

U9: 5th Place (out of 10): G Perkins – 11th, T Ward – 14th, R Litton – 26th, A Leney – 29th, H Stalder – 35th, W Morely – 40th

U11: 2nd Place (out of 13): F Heffer – 8th, M Martin-Zakheim – 10th, A Curtis – 17th, C Sellers – 24th, O Chalmers – 28th, W Hobbs – 29th

U13’s: 2nd Place (out of 13): H Weir – 5th, L Stalder – 10th, T Wildblood – 13th, J Rogers – 21st, W Moss – 35th, B Nunn – 40th

Saturday, 5 February: RUGBY v Papplewick (A)

U8 A Won 6-3
U8 B Lost 7-9

Sunday, 6 February: RUGBY - Nationals at Epsom (Note changed venue)


Notes from Mr Hanrahan:

A poor start slow out of the blocks saw us lose heavily 35-0 in the first game. Then we went 5-0 down early in our second game. However, a far better second half saw us draw level 5-5 and our rucking was far more effective. Despite this, a try awarded to the opposition meant a loss 5-10.

Our last game was another close one, and at 10-15 down we were camped on the opposition line, only to lose the ball and watch as one of their flyers ran, uncontested, the length of the field to score. Final score 10-20.

Overall, a bad start, followed by committed tackling and rucking. We need to be more clinical in attack and support each other off the ball.

Tuesday, 8 February: RUGBY v St Columba's (H)

U9 A IX Lost 0-40
U9 B IX Won 35-10. H McNally, W Morley (2), J Oakland, H Stalder (3)
U9 C IX Won 40-0. G Drax, A Grewal, J Masih (3), T Ruparel, A Scott (2)

Tuesday, 8 February: SQUASH v Eton College (A)

1st VI Won 4-3

Tuesday, 8 February: FOOTBALL v Norland Place (H)

U8 - All year group A Team: 1st game won 2–0. 2nd game drew 1–1
B Team: 1st game won 1–0. 2nd & 3rd games drew 0–0
C Team: Lost 0–2

Wednesday, 9 February: HOCKEY v Hall Grove

1st XI (A) Won 2-1. J Rogers, T Wright
2nd XI (A) Won 6-0. F Andreae, O Arzt-Jones, W Heywood, J Sandom (3)
3rd VII (H) Won 12–1. F Fordham (4), O Roberts (4), Ho.Scott Lyon (2), T McCullagh (2)
4th XI (A) Won 10-1. A Eglinton (4), G Mackaness, H McCullagh (4), Z Redgrave.
Colts A VII (H)

Won 2-0. O Chalmers, M Martin-Zakheim

Colts B VII (H) Drew 0-0
Colts C VII (H) Drew 2-2. W Nicholson, D Shortt
Colts D VII (A) Lost 0-1
Colts E VII (A) Won 3-0. Z Ahmed, J Pickering (2)

Thursday, 10 February: SQUASH v Dragon (H)

1st VI Won 12-0

Thursday, 10 February: BADMINTON v Dragon (H)

1st VI Won 18-0

Saturday, 12 February: HOCKEY v Winchester House

1st XI (A) Lost 1-3. T Wright
2nd XI (A) Won 5-0. E Mackay, O Parsons, J Sandom (2), J Speed
3rd XI (A) Won 2-0. A Eglinton, Ho.Scott Lyon
4th XI (H) Won 2-1. H McCullagh (2)
Colts A VII (H) Lost 5-3. N Andreae, M Martin-Zakheim (x2)
Colts B VII (H) Drew 4-4. G Naylor, W Nicholson, J Tahany (2)
Colts C VII (A) Lost 1-4. E Revill
Colts D VII (A) Drew 1-1. J Pickering
Colts E VII (A) Won 3-1. T Lowe (2), G Oakland

Tuesday, 15 February: RUGBY v St John's, Northwood (A)

U9 A Won 55-5. O Bell, A Leney (2), W Morley (2), A Naydenov (4), G Perkins (2)
U9 B Won 45-15. F Heffer, R Mackenzie (2), J Oakland, A Sangha (4), E Urashima
U8 A Lost 9-13
U8 B Won 16–15
U8 C Lost 8-13

Wednesday, 16 February: RUGBY - St John's Beaumont Festival (A)


v St John's Beaumont Lost 2-6
v City of London Freemans Won 4-2
v Cranmore Won 5-3

Semi-Final v Donhead Won 2-1 (extra time)
Final v St John's Beaumont Lost 1-4

U9 v St John's, Northwood Won 40-0
v City of London Freemans Won 10-0
v Ridgeway Drew 0-0
v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-10
U10a v St Columba's Drew 10-10. W Hobbs, M Stalder
v King’s House Drew 5-5. R Ravagnan
v Cranmore Lost 0-3
v Shrewsbury House Lost 0-4
v St John's Beaumont Won 10-0. R Marshall, R Ravagnan

Wednesday, 16 February: TABLE TENNIS v Farnham Common Junior School (A)

Colts 1st IV Lost 2-6. He.Scott Lyon (2)
Colts 2nd IV Lost 3-5. Al.Lee (2), C Rushton

Thursday, 17 February: HOCKEY - Merchant Taylors' Tournament (A)

U12 v Quainton Hall Won 2-0. A Maxwell, M Urashima
v St Anthony's Won 2-1. E Ezekiel, E Pycroft
v The Beacon Lost 0-2
v St Martin's, Northwood Lost 0-1
v St John's, Northwood Won 3-1. A Maxwell, E Pycroft (2)
v Merchant Taylors Drew 1-1. M Urashima
v Northwood Prep Won 3-0. E Pycroft (3)
3rd place in the tournament
E Pycroft received an award as the most valuable player in our team

Thursday, 17 February - Sunday 27 February: CRICKET - Tour to South Africa


Match 1 v Western Province Prep School (30 over match)
WPPS 227-5. L Stalder 2-18
Caldicott 77 all out. B Nunn 18, J Rogers 15
Lost by 150 runs

Match 2 v Wynberg (30 over match)
Caldicott 83 all out. A Shoff 37*, E Taylor 14
Wynberg 86-4. L Stalder 1-6, A Eglinton 1-9
Lost by 6 wickets

Match 3 v Hlengisa Primary School (15 over match)
Caldicott 89-6. J Sandom 26, J Awdry 19, L Stalder 14
Hlengisa 53-8. A Shoff 2-5, A Eglinton 2-6
Won by 36 runs

Match 4 v Somerset College (30 over match)
Caldicott 118-4. A Shoff 42*, B Nunn 22*
Somerset College 119-4. H Laing 1-4, J Sandom 1-13
Lost by 6 wickets

Match 5 v Somerset House (30 over match)
Somerset House 96 all out. F Fordham 4-7, A Shoff 3-5
Caldicott 98-2. A Shoff 41*, J Rogers 25
Won by 8 wickets

Match 6 v SACS (35 over match)
SACS 158-3. A Peters 1-16, T Wildblood 1-17
Caldicott 112 all out. A Shoff 31, F Andreae 17, B Nunn 17
Lost by 46 runs

Match 6 SACS (35 over match)
SACS 158-3 (A Peters 1-16, T Wildblood 1-17)
Caldicott 112 all out (A Shoff 31, F Andreae 17, B Nunn 17)
Lost by 46 runs

Match 7 v Bishops (Time)
Bishops 190/6 declared (42 overs). L Stalder 3-54, A Peters 2-49
Caldicott 137-9 (43 overs). A Shoff 46, J Rogers 43
Match drawn


Tuesday, 1 March: FOOTBALL v Moulsford (A)

U9 A VII (A) Lost 0-6
U9 B VII (A) Lost 0-6
U9 C VII (A) Lost 0-3
U9 D VII (A) Won 3-1. G Drax, L Conyers (2)
U9 E VII (A) Won 3-1. S Hack (2), M McNicol
U8 A VII (H) Lost 0-4
U8 B VII (H) Lost 1-4
U8 C VII (H) Won 3-0

Wednesday, 2 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Port Regis Festival (A)

1st VII

v Warminster Won 40-5. K Ariyo (2), H Guy, H Weir (3), B Nunn (2C), A Wardlaw (3C)
v Millfield Lost 5-33
v Mount House Won 38-0. H Guy (2), H Weir, T Wright, A Wardlaw (2 & 4C)

Quarter-Final v King Edward's, Bath Won 19-14. K Ariyo, O Parsons, H Weir, A Wardlaw (2C)

Semi-Final v Blundell's Lost 24-14. L Stalder, A Wardlaw (1 & 2C)

Wednesday, 2 March: RUGBY SEVENS at St John's Beaumont Festival (A)

Colts VII v Cranmore Won 28-0. H Maxwell, M Martin-Zakheim (2), E Revill, O Chalmers (4C)
v St Columba's Lost 0-12
v Danes Hill Lost 5-12. E Revill.
v St John's Beaumont Won 26-0. E Curtis, M Ede, M Martin-Zakheim, O Chalmers (1 & 3C)

Wednesday, 2 March: FOOTBALL v Dair House (H)

U11 VII Won 3-1. L Gordon (2), A Okuwoga

Thursday, 3 March: CROSS COUNTRY at Horris Hill (A)


U11 - 4th/9
M Martin-Zakheim (9th), F Heffer (13th), A Curtis (14th), O Chalmers (22nd), W Hobbs (23rd)

Over 11: 5th/6
T Wildblood (7th), H Revill (24th), A Shoff (25th), D Birkinshaw (29th), N Loder (30th)

Saturday, 5 March: MINI-RUGBY at the Donhead Festival (A)


v Donhead Lost 0-5
v City of London Freeman’s Won 15-5. M Du Toit, C Sellers, M Stalder

Plate Competition
Semi Final v Cranmore Won 25-0. M Akhtar, W Hobbs, R Marshall, M Du Toit, C Sellers
Final v Holmewood House Won 15-10. C Sellers, M Stalder (2)

Saturday, 5 March: RUGBY SEVENS at The Downs Festival (A)

1st VII

v Taunton Won 12-7. (O Parsons, H Weir, A Wardlaw 1C)
v Dulwich Lost 0-21
v Millfield Lost 0-21

Plate Quarter-Final v Bristol Grammar School Lost 7-17. B Nunn, A Wardlaw (1C)

Saturday, 5 March: RUGBY SEVENS at The Oratory Festival (A)

Colts A VII

v All Hallows Won 35-7. M Martin-Zakheim, A Maxwell, E Revill (3), O Chalmers (5C)
v Twyford Won 14-0. G Acland, M Martin-Zakheim, O Chalmers (2C)
v The Oratory Drew 7-7. M Martin-Zakheim, O Chalmers (2C)

Quarter-Final v Cranmore Won 14-7. E Revill, O Chalmers (1 & 2C)
Semi-Final v Chandlings Won 7-0. M Martin-Zakheim, O Chalmers (1C)
Final v The Oratory Lost 14-19 a.e.t. M Martin-Zakheim (2), O Chalmers (2C)

Colts B VII

v The Oratory B Lost 0-7
v Moulsford B Lost 12-19
v Cranmore B Won 24-0

Plate Competition v The Oratory C Won 40-0
Semi-Final v Cothill A Lost 0-19

Scorers not recorded

Tuesday, 8 March: FOOTBALL v Gayhurst

U9 A XI (A)

Lost 0-9

U9 B XI (A) Drew 0-0
U9 C XI (A) Won 6-5. L Conyers (4), H McNally, A Sangha
U9 D XI (H) Won 1-0. G Drax
U9 E XI (H) Won 2-0. R Bond, H Martin

Wednesday, 9 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Caldicott (H)

1st VII

v St John's, Northwood Lost 5-10. O Parsons
v Dragon Won 43-7. H Guy, B Nunn (2), T Wright (3), A Wardlaw (1 & 4C)
v Shrewsbury House Lost 0-38

Quarter-Final v Milbourne Lodge Lost 21-35. O Parsons, B Nunn (2 & 2C) A Wardlaw (1C)

2nd VII

v St John’s Beaumont Lost 0-17
v Moulsford Won 27-0. Z Redgrave (2), H Revill, J Sandom, E Taylor, M Temple (1C)
v Port Regis Won 19-0. F Andreae, E Taylor, M Krakue (1C) J Sandom (1 & 1C)

Wednesday, 9 March: FOOTBALL v Gayhurst (A)

U13 A XI Lost 0-2
U13 B XI Drew 2-2. S Ramezani, D Sharma

Friday, 11 March: RUGBY at the Donhead Festival (A)

Colts VII

v St Columba's Lost 0-12
v Danes Hill Drew 21-21. M Martin-Zakheim (2), He.Scott Lyon, O Chalmers (3C)
v The Oratory B Won 35-0. F Mackaness (2), M Martin-Zakheim (2), He.Scott Lyon, O Chalmers (5C)

Plate Quarter-Final v Donhead B Won 33-0. F Mackaness (2), M Martin-Zakheim (3), O Chalmers (4C)
Plate Semi-Final v Colet Court Won 21-14. M Martin-Zakheim (2), He.Scott Lyon, O Chalmers (3C)
Plate Final v The Oratory Won 26-14. M Martin-Zakheim (4), O Chalmers (3C)

Wednesday, 16 March: RUGBY- Caldicott Festival (H)


v St John’s, Northwood Drew 0-0
v Lambrook Lost 0-10 to Lambrook
v Summer Fields Won 20-0

Semi-final v St Columba’s. Drew 0-0 (after extra time). St Columba's  went through on total number of tries scored in the tournament (they had 7, Caldicott had 4).

U9 B

4th/4 in their group

Wednesday, 16 March: FOOTBALL v Davenies

U13 B XI (H) Drew 2-2. M Mirzan, F Olakunri
U10 A VIII (A) Lost 0-4
U10 C VIII (A) Lost 0-7

Wednesday, 16 March: FOOTBALL v Eagle House (A)

U13 C XI Lost 1-5. W Moss

Wednesday, 16 March: HOCKEY v St John's, Northwood (A)

U13 A Lost 2-6. F Fordham, H Laing
U12 A Won 6-1. J Awdry (2), O Ezekiel, W Heywood, A Maxwell, M Urashima

Thursday, 17 March: CROSS COUNTRY - St John's Northwood Meeting


Team position: 2nd
First 6 Caldicott runners: M Martin-Zakheim (4th), F Heffer (7th), A Curtis (9th), W Hobbs (14th), Oliver Atkins (21st), O Chalmers (22nd)

Friday, 18: RUGBY SEVENS at Davenies (A)

1st VII

v St John's, Northwood Won 22-5. H Weir (2), B Nunn (2 & 1C) v The Beacon Won 7-0. B Nunn (1 & 1C)

Semi-Final v Moulsford Lost 5-12. H Weir

Friday, 18 March: FOOTBALL v Gayhurst

U10 A VII (H)

Lost 1-7. C Rushton
U10 B VII (H) Lost 1-11. Gayhurst OG
U10 C VII (H) Lost 0-7
U10 D VII (A) Won 4-2. K Gill (3), A Sangha
U10 E VII (A) Won 5-1. C Hanberry, H Hussain (4)

Saturday, 19 March: RUGBY COLTS SEVENS at Caldicott (H)

Colts 1st VII

v Eagle House Won 35-0. M Ede (2), M Martin-Zakheim, E Revill, O Chalmers (1 & 5C)
v Danes Hill Won 21-14. M Martin-Zakheim (2), E Revill, O Chalmers (3C)
v Spratton Hall Lost 7-14. E Revill, O Chalmers (1C)

Quarter-Final v Packwood Haugh Won 12-7. E Revill (2), O Chalmers (1C)
Semi-Final v Donhead Lost 7-14. E Revill, O Chalmers (1C)

Colts 2nd VII

v St John’s Northwood B Won 19–5. J Bell, N Cheung, J Tahany, N Andreae (2C)
v Danes Hill B Won 33–7.N Cheung (2), N Andreae 3 & 4C)
v Moulsford B Won 12–0. N Andreae (2 & 1C)

B Tournament Final v St Columba's B Lost 21–14. N Cheung, S Tallis, N Andreae (2C)

Saturday, 19 March: JUDO - IAPS Tournament at High Wycombe (A)

  Bronze: E Bagger, W Blackmore, J.C.
Silver: P Turczynowicz
Gold: J Chibo

Wednesday, 23 March: RUGBY SEVENS at St John's, Northwood (A)

1st VII

v St Columba's Won 24-10. L Stalder, O Parsons, H Weir, B Nunn (1 & 2C)
v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-42
v Colet Court Lost 7-26. K Ariyo, B Nunn (1C)

Semi-Final v Downsend Lost 14-28. K Ariyo, L Stalder, B Nunn (2C)

Colts VII

v St Columba’s Lost 0-14
v Haberdashers’ Won 21-0. F Mackaness, He.Scott Lyon (2), O Chalmers (3C)
v Moulsford Won 21-0. M Martin-Zakheim (2), E Revill, O Chalmers (3C)

Semi-Final v St John's Northwood Won 28-0. M Martin-Zakheim (2), E Revill (2), O Chalmers (4C)
Final v St Columba’s Won 19-12. E Revill (3), O Chalmers (2C)
Tournament Winners

Wednesday, 23 March: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House (H)

4th XV Won 45-5. N Brown, J-y Jung, S Morrisroe (2), P Turczynowicz (3), J Polley (5C)
5th XV Lost 22-32. SJ Kim (2), C Plant, L Wright, W Moss (1C)
6th XV Won 49-20. R Dick (5), O Harriman (2), H Liang, J Grewal (1 & 2C)

Wednesday, 23 March: FOOTBALL v Abingdon

U13 A XI (A) Cancelled
U13 B XI (A) Lost 3-4. B Tholstrup (2), A Wardlaw
U13 C XI (A) Lost 1-3. S Ramezani
U11 A XI (A) Lost 1-4. N Cheung
U11 B XI (A) Lost 1-5. J Pickering
U11 C VII (A) Lost 2-4. J Inch, F Watson-Smyth
U10 A XI (H) Lost 1-3. W Hobbs
U10 B XI (H) Lost 1-2. K Gill
U10 C XI (H) Lost 1-2. A Pomfret


Wednesday, 23 March: HOCKEY v St Andrew's, Pangbourne

1st XI Lost 2-3. W Heywood, H Laing
2nd XI Won 6-0. J Awdry, F Fordham, E Pycroft (4)
Colts A VII (H) Lost 0-8
Colts B VII (H) Lost 1-6. W Nicholson

Saturday, 26 March: FOOTBALL v Dragon

U13 A XI (A) Drew 1-1. A Marsh
U13 B XI (H) Drew 1-1. G Bracken
U10 A XI (A) Drew 3-3. W Hobbs, J Lagesse, R Marshall
U10 B XI (A) Won 3-0. S Eyre, K Gill, W Nicholson

Saturday, 26 March: RUGBY v British School of Paris (H)

2nd XV Won 56-5. K Ariyo, G Beard,G Mackaness, Z Redgrave 2, A Shoff 2, M Temple 2, B Tholstrup, F Andreae (3C)

Sunday, 27 March: RUGBY Summer Fields Warthog Sevens (A)

5th VII

v Moulsford 2 Won 19-5
v Summer Fields 1 Lost 12-0
v Winchester House Won 24-5

Semi-Final v Moulsford 1 Lost 12-17

6th VII

v Moulsford 1 Lost
v Elstree Drew
v Summer Fields 2 Lost

Plate Semi-Final v Moulsford 2 Won 7-5. F Olakunri, W Moss (1C)
Plate Final v Winchester House Won 10-7. W Moss (2)

Monday/Tuesday, 28-29 March: RUGBY - NATIONAL PREP SCHOOLS' SEVENS at Rosslyn Park

1st VII

v St Martins Ampleforth Won 26-12. K Ariyo, T McCullagh, O Parsons, H Weir, B Nunn (1C), A Wardlaw (2C)
v Ryde Won 19-14. H Guy, L Stalder, B Nunn (1 & 2C)
v King's Hall Lost 12-17. H Weir (2), A Wardlaw (1C)