2010 - Spring Term

Wednesday, 13 January: RUGBY v St Columba's (H)



Junior School: 1st Cooper (144), 2nd Wood (191), 3rd McArthur (214), 4th Jenkins (280)
Individuals: W Hobbs (1st), C Sellers (2nd), F Heffer (3rd)
Middle School: 1st Cooper (157), 2nd Wood (201), 3rd McArthur (212), 4th Jenkins (256)
Individuals: T Wildblood, E Pycroft, A Curtis
Senior School: 1st Wood (373), 2nd Jenkins (413), 3rd McArthur (593), 4th Cooper (485)
Individuals: 1st H Weir, 2nd H McCreery, 3rd L Stalder
Overall: 1st Wood (765), 2nd Cooper (786), 3rd Jenkins (949), 4th McArthur (1019)

Saturday, 16 January: IAPS BADMINTON at Colet Court

U13 IV The senior pairs were unlucky to be drawn against each other in the plate competition, where B Hung and M Shah beat D Zhai and J Clay, before themselves being narrowly beaten in the quarter finals.
U11 IV M Zuanic and A Song just missed reaching the quarter finals of the junior plate, losing 21–18. The best performance of the day came from E Eyton and J-y Jung, who reached the semi-finals of the junior plate.

Saturday, 16 January: HOCKEY v The Beacon


Monday, 18 January: BASKETBALL v Lambrook Haileybury (A)

U11 Won 21-8
U13 Won 44-10

Tuesday 19 January: CROSS COUNTRY at Caldicott - Starts 1445

U11 Place
U13 Place
Overall Place
A: 8th /// B: 11th (out of 13)
A: 4th /// B: 11th (out of 13)


1st 4 Caldicott Positons (104 runners per age group):
U13: 6th H Weir, 22nd H McCreery, 35th H Lloyd, 39th W Moss
U11: 17th E Pycroft, 29th T Wildblood, 38th G Acland, 50th O Chalmers
1st 3 Schools: Parkside, St John's Beaumont, Brentwood

Tuesday, 19 January: HOCKEY v Abingdon Prep (A)

U13 A XI Drew 3-3. D Graham, M Shah (2)
U13 B XI Lost 0-2

Wednesday, 20 January: HOCKEY v Eagle House

1st XI (H) Won 3-0. G Blandford-Newson, M Shah (2)

Wednesday, 20 January: FOOTBALL v Papplewick (H)

U10 A Drew 2-2. M Ede (2)
U10 B Drew 1-1. A Jamil


U9 A v King's College Junior School Won 10–0
v Rokeby Won 15–0
v Shrewsbury House Lost 15-0
v Newland House Won 10–0
v The Mall Lost 5-0
No qualification for Final

Saturday, 23 January: HOCKEY v Dragon

1st XI (A) Lost 0-2
2nd XI (A) Drew 1-1. E Ezekiel
3rd VII (H) Drew 3-3. F Andreae, B Maxwell, J Rogers
4th VII (H) Won 3-2. M Lambert (2), H Scott Lyon
5th VII (A) Won 1-0. M Arzt-Jones

Tuesday, 26 January: RUGBY v Wetherby (H)

U8 A There are no results for this, as it was a fun afternoon with lots of friendly games, rather than a formal fixture.
U8 B
U8 C

Wednesday, 27 January: RUGBY v St Columba's (H)

U8 A Lost 8-11
U8 B Lost 6-7
U8 C Won 13-11
U8 D Won 6-3

Wednesday, 27 January: FOOTBALL v Dair House (A)

U11 Carousel Won 5-0. G Alvarez Munoz (2), E Ezekiel, J-y Jung, A White

Wednesday, 27 January: FOOTBALL v Eagle House (H)

U13 Carousel Lost 2-5. J Chibo, Z Redgrave

Thursday, 28 January: CROSS COUNTRY - The Oratory Meeting (A)

U11 Place
U13 Place
1st Caldicott Positons:
U13: Seniors: 4th - H Weir; 13th - H Lloyd; 22nd - W Moss; 26th H Laing; 32nd B Nunn
U11: T Wildblood; 34th - A Curtis; 43rd - O Chalmers; 45th G Acland; 53rd E Pycroft

Sunday 31 Jan: RUGBY U 10 v Drifters

  v Drifters A: Lost 5-20. H McClean
v Drifters B Lost 10-25. J Pickering, L Gordon

Sunday 31 Jan: RUGBY U9 Nationals

  v Rokeby Won 5-0. M Stalder
v Davenies Won 15-10. R Marshall, C Sellers, M Stalder
v Ridgeway Won 15-0. W Nicholson, A Sangha, M Stalder
Through to next stage

Tuesday, 2 February: CROSS COUNTRY - LONDON AREA CHAMPIONSHIPS at Haberdashers'


Overall - 1st
Team + top 5 places:
U11 6th/19: T Wildblood (14), A Curtis (33), D Birkinshaw (43), O Chalmers (46), G Acland (48)
U13 3rd/13: L Stalder (8), H McCreery (20), H Lloyd (22), F Tucker (29), W Moss (34)

Tuesday, 2 February: RUGBY v St John's Northwood (H)

U9 A Won 20-10. W Nicholson, A Sangha, M Stalder (2)
U9 B Won 10-5. M Du Toit, H Pooley
U9 C Lost 5-55. R Usmani

Wednesday 3 February: HOCKEY v Bedford

1st XI (H) Won 3-0. S Aspland-Robinson (2), H McCreery
2nd XI (H) Won 3-2. E Ezekiel, T Wright (2)
3rd XI (A) Drew 1-1. J Speed
4th XI (A) Lost 1-3. M Lambert
Colts A VII (A) Won 3-2. J Awdry, W Heywood, A Shoff
Colts B VII (A) Lost 0-3
Colts C VII (H) Lost 1-2. A Turnbull
Colts D VII (H)

Lost 1-5. J Bell

Thursday, 4 February: CROSS COUNTRY - EAGLE HOUSE Meeting


U8 - 8th/15: T Ward (4), J Oakland (31), R Mackenzie (40), E Snushall (42), A Grewal 45), A Leney (48)
U9 - 2nd/15: W Hobbs (5), G Green (16) C Sellers (18), F Heffer (19), M Du Toit (31), F Watson-Smyth (24)

Tuesday, 9 February: FOOTBALL v Eton Patagonian XI (H)

U13 Carousel Won 5-2. S Ahmed, I Akhtar, N Kim, B Tholstrup

Tuesday, 9 February: BADMINTON v Herschel Grammar School (A)

U13 VIII Won 20-4

Wednesday, 10 February: HOCKEY v Hall Grove

1st XI (A) Won 6-3. S Aspland-Robinson, G Blandford-Newson (3), H McCreery, F Tucker
2nd XI (A) Won 6-2. E Ezekiel, B Nunn, L Stalder, T Wright (3)
3rd XI (A) Won 8-2. F Andreae, O Gillen-Toon, J Rogers (3), J Speed (3)
4th XI (H) Won 2-0. M Lambert, H Scott Lyon
Colts A VII (H) Lost 0-2
Colts B VII (H) Won 5-2. K Dhesi, A Eglinton (2), A Maxwell, C Plant
Colts C VII (H) Won 1-0. A Turnbull

Saturday, 13 February: RUGBY v British School of Paris (H)

2nd XV Won 37-5. J Figg, M Lambert, B Plumb, F Reding-Reuter, E Taylor, T Wright (2), A Wardlaw (1C)
Colts A XII Won 49-7

Tuesday, 23 February: RUGBY v Lambrook (H)


Tuesday, 23 February: HOCKEY v Magdalen College

2nd XI (A) Won 2-0. B Maxwell, T Wright
3rd VII (A) Lost 0-6
4th VII (H) Lost 2-3. M Lambert, R Petersen

Wednesday, 24 February: HOCKEY v Ludgrove (A)

5th XI Won 2-0. O Arzt-Jones, H Kirkby

Wednesday, 24 February: RUGBY SEVENS at St Mary's Hall (A)


Wednesday, 24 February: FOOTBALL v Papplewick (H)

Carousel U11 Won 3-0. A Lee (2), W Pritchard

Wednesday, 24 February: RUGBY v Ludgrove (H)

U9 A Drew 15-15. M Akhtar, D Shortt, M Stalder
U9 B Won 30-5. B Andreae, M Du Toit (3), F Watson-Smyth, JJ Wong
U9 C Won 25-15. S Beesley, R McCullagh (2), J Trew (2)

Wednesday, 24 February: HOCKEY v Ludgrove (A)

5th XI Won 2-0. O Arzt-Jones, H Kirkby

Thursday, 25 February: CROSS COUNTRY - Ludgrove Relays - Starts 1430 (A)

U11 8th/23
U13 6th/23

Saturday, 27 February: HOCKEY v Winchester House

1st XI (A) Won 3-2. H McCreery, M Shah, F Tucker
2nd XI (A) Won 4-0. A Masih, T Wright (3)
3rd XI (H) Won 6-0. F Andreae (2), A Dega (2), E Mackay, A Smith
4th XI (H) Won 6-0. M Arzt –Jones (2), M Lambert (2), G Mackaness, T McCullagh
Colts A VII (H) Lost 0-8
Colts B VII (H) Lost 1-6. A Eglinton
Colts C VII (A) Lost 0-4
Colts D VII (A) Drew 1-1. S Tallis
Colts E VII (A) Lost 2-4. C Blampied, H Scott Lyon

Saturday, 27 February: RUGBY v Summer Fields


Sunday, 28 February: CROSS COUNTRY at Malvern (A)


Sunday, 28 February: RUGBY SEVENS at Moulsford (A)



Tuesday, 2 March: HOCKEY v St John's Northwood (H)

U13 VII Won 4-3. C Clemo, E Ezekiel, T Lotter, W Swift
U12 VII Lost 3-5. B Maxwell, A Peters, Ho Scott Lyon

Tuesday, 2 March: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House (H)

Colts B XII Lost 0-42
Colts C XII Lost 7-12. A White, G Bracken (1C)
Colts D XII Won 37-19. W A'Brassard, J Bell (2), E Cuttell (2), C White, K Dhesi (1 & 1C)

Tuesday, 2 March: RUGBY v St John's, Northwood (A)

U8 A Lost 7-11
U8 B Won 7-6

Wednesday, 3 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Port Regis Festival (A)

1st VII

Group games
v Warminster
Won 34-0. S Aspland-Robinson (3), H McCreery, A Smith, M Shah (1 & 2C)
v Sandroyd Won 12-0. S Aspland-Robinson, M Shah (1 & 1C)
v Kingswood Lost 0-47

Quarter Final v Millfield Lost 5-33. S Aspland-Robinson

Wednesday, 3 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Terrington Hall (A)

2nd VII

Group games
v Mowden Hall Lost 0-21
v Cundall Manor Lost 7-21 B Nunn, E Rowell (1C)
v RGS Newcastle Lost 0-22

Knockout stage
Quarter Final v Grindon Hall
Won 38-7. M Arzt-Jones, N Kim, O Parsons (2), L Stalder, E Rowell (1 & 4C)
Semi Final v Malton School Won 45-5. M Arzt-Jones (2), A Clayton (2), N Kim (2), E Taylor, E Rowell (5C)
Final v Durham Choristers Won 12-7. N Kim, E Taylor, E Rowell (1C)

Winners of The Shield

Wednesday, 3 March: RUGBY SEVENS at St John's Beaumont Festival (A)

Colts VII Group games
v St John's Beaumont
Lost 7-33. T Wildblood, O Chalmers (1C)
v Donhead Won 14-0. E Revill (2), O Chalmers (2C)
v St John's Northwood Lost 0-17
v Cranmore Lost 7-17. T Wildblood, E Revill (1C)

Wednesday, 3 March: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House (H)

5th XV Lost 19-31. E Bagger (2), J Chibo, W Moss (2C)
6th XV Lost 12-27. G Beard, Z Redgrave. A Peters (1C)

Wednesday, 3 March: RUGBY v St Columba's (H)

U9A IX Lost 0-20
U9B IX Won 20-10. M Du Toit, T WIlliams (3)
U9C IX Won 25-5. J Fennell, H Pooley, F Watson-Smyth (3)
U9D IX Won 25-10. S Beesley, W Nelson (2), C Taylor (2)

Wednesday, 3 March: FOOTBALL v Papplewick (A)

Carousel U13 A XI Won 5-0. M Ariyo (2), W Blundell, J Figg, M Temple
Carousel U13 B XI Lost 0-6

Thursday, 4 March: CROSS COUNTRY at Horris Hill (A)

  U9: Team position: 1/6. Competitors - W Hobbs 2, C Sellers 6, F Heffer 7, G Green 10, M Du Toit 22
U11: Team position 3/10. Competitors - T Wildblood 2, A Curtis 9, E Pycroft 24, D Birkinshaw 28, O
Chalmers 29
Over 11: Team position 5/8. Best in Caldicott: L Stalder 10, W Moss 16, H Laing 19, G Chilvers 27, J Dudley 38

Thursday, 4 March: SQUASH & BADMINTON v Dragon (H)

  Badminton - Won 13-1
Squash - Won 6-0
A Maitala 9-10, 9-7, 9-2
T Pearce 9-4, 0-9, 9-8
A Masih 9-5, 9-7
H Scott Lyon 9-6, 9-4
A Dega 9-5, 9-3
F Fordham 9-0, 9-0

Friday, 5 March: FOOTBALL v Hawkesdown House (H)


Saturday, 6 March: RUGBY SEVENS at The Downs Festival (A)


Saturday, 6 March: RUGBY SEVENS at The Oratory Festival (A)

Colts A VII

Group games
v Cranmore
Lost 0-17
v Chandlings Won 10-0. A Eglinton, E Revill
v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-46

Plate competition
v All Hallows
Lost 5-12. O Chalmers

Colts B VII

Group games
v The Oratory Prep School
Lost 5-12. G Alvarex Munoz
v Moulsford Lost 5-19. G Alvarex Munoz
v Gayhurst Drew 0-0

Plate Quarter Final
v Eagle House
Lost 0-22

Tuesday, 9 March: HOCKEY v Dr Challoner's (A)

1st VII Lost 3-10. T Lotter (2), T Wright
2nd VII Lost 4-6. A Dega (2), H Laing (2)

Wednesday, 10 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Caldicott (H)

1st VII

Group games
v The Beacon Won 31-5. S Aspland-Robinson (2), H McCreery, H Weir, G Blandford-Newson (1C), M Shah (1 & 2C)
v Winchester House Won 22-7. M Shah, A Smith, S Aspland-Robinson (2 & 1C)
v St Mary's Hall Won 26-7. D Graham (2), H McCreery, (1 & 1C), M Shah (1 & 2C)
v Shrewsbury House Won 22-19. S Aspland-Robinson, G Blandford-Newson, D Graham, A Smith, M Shah (1C)

Quarter final v The Oratory Lost 12-7, G Blandford-Newson, H McCreery, (1C)

2nd VII

Group games
v Dragon Won 25-0. H Lloyd (2), B Nunn (2), B Plumb
v St John’s Northwood Won 31-0. A Clayton, H Lloyd, B Nunn, O Parsons (2), E Rowell (2C), L Stalder (1C)
v Port Regis Won 31-7. M Adcock, A Clayton, B Nunn (2), B Plumb, E Rowell (3C)

Semi-Final v Moulsford. Won 19-5. B Nunn, B Plumb (2), E Rowell (2C)

Final v Millfield. Won 7-5 B Plumb, E Rowell (1C)

Wednesday, 10 March: RUGBY - U9 at the St John's Beaumont Festival (A)

U9 A

v Donhead Lost 5-10. R Marshall
v St Columba's Lost 0-10
v St John's Beaumont Won 25-0. F Heffer, R Marshall, C Sellers, M Stalder (2)

U9 B

v Cranmore A Lost 0-5
v Daneshill A Lost 0-30
v Lambrook Lost 5-15

Thursday, 11 March: FOOTBALL at The Papplewick Festival (A)

U11 A XI v The Oratory Won 1-0. G Alvarez Munoz
v Papplewick 'A' Lost 1-0
Semi-final v Gayhurst Lost 1-2 E Pycroft
3rd/4th Place playoff v Abingdon Prep Lost 1-2 O Ezekiel
Finished 4th Overall

Thursday, 11 March: SQUASH v Eton College (A)

1st VI Won 3-2

Friday, 12 March: RUGBY SEVENS at the Donhead Festival (A)

Colts VII Group games
v St Benedict's
Won 7-5. E Revill (1 & 1C)
v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-24
v Rokeby B Won 15-5. O Roberts, H Revill (2)

Quarter final
v Cranmore
Lost 5-24. T Wildblood

Sunday, 14 March: HOCKEY at the Bradfield Festival (A)

Colts VII Group games:
v Edge Grove Lost 0-1
v Papplewick Won 2-1. H Revill, T Wildblood
v Elstree Lost 1-2. E Pycroft
v St Andrew's Pangbourne Lost 0-1

Wednesday, 17 March: RUGBY SEVENS at St John’s Northwood (A)

1st VII Group games
v St Columba’s Won 12-5. S Aspland-Robinson, H McCreery, E Rowell (1C)
v Winchester House Won 33-0. H McCreery, A Smith (2), H Weir (2), E Rowell (4C)
v St John's Northwood Won 33-0. T Pearce (2), H Guy, H Weir, E Rowell (1 & 4C)

v Mouslford
Lost 7-24. H Weir, E Rowell (1C)

Colts VII Group games
v St Columba's
Lost 0-12
v York House Won 19-0. W Revill (2), T Wildblood, H Revill (2C)
v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-35

Wednesday, 17 March: RUGBY at St John’s Beaumont (A)

U10 A v Ridgeway Lost 0-5
v Donhead Drew 5-5. H Scott Lyon
v Buchan Lost 5-10. F Mackaness
U10 B v Moulsford Lost 5-20. N Andreae
v St Columba's Lost 0-45
v Cranmore Lost 5–40. P Gallagher

Wednesday, 17 March: RUGBY- Caldicott Festival

U9 A v Ridgeway Won 15-0. M Akhtar, W Hobbs, M Stalder
v Lambrook Won 10-0. M Akhtar, C Sellers
v St John's Northwood Won 10-0. F Heffer, R Marshall
v St John's Beaumont Won 15-0. R Marshall, C Sellers, D Shortt

Final v Shrewsbury House Lost 5-15. C Sellers

U9 B v Moulsford Lost 0-15
v Rokeby Lost 0-5
v St John's Beaumont Drew 5-5. J Lagesse
v Summer Fields Won 20-0. M Du Toit (3), J Lagesse

Wednesday, 17 March: FOOTBALL v Norland Place (H)

U8 The Caldicott teams (Ajax, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Real Madrid) performed really well. There were 6 matches in this 'friendly' afternoon, of which Caldicott won 2 and Norland Place 4

Wednesday, 17 March: FOOTBALL v Eagle House (A)

Carousel U13 Lost 3-4. S Ahmed, W Blundell, J Polley

Thursday, 18 March: BADMINTON v Summer Fields (A)

U13 VIII Won 10-9

Thursday, 18 March: SQUASH v Summer Fields (A)

U13 VI Won 9-3

Saturday, 20 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Caldicott (H)

Colts A VII

Group games
v Moulsford
Drew 7-7. E Revill, H Revill (1C)
v St Benedict's Lost 0-28

Plate quarter-final v St Columba's
Won 19-0. M Ede, E Revill (2), O Chalmers (1C), H Revill (1C)

Plate semi-final v Lincroft
Lost 0-26

Colts B VII

Group games
v St John’s Beaumont B
Lost 0-7
v Danes Hill B Won 26–0. G Acland, F Mackaness, E Pycroft (2 & 3C)
v Donhead B Won 26-7. F Awdry (2), E Pycroft (2 & 3C)

2nd in group

Sunday, 21 March: RUGBY WARTHOG SEVENS (A)

5th VII Competition winners
6th VII Plate winners

Monday/Tuesday, 22-25 March: RUGBY - NATIONAL PREP SCHOOLS' SEVENS at Rosslyn Park

1st VII

v Barnardiston Hall Won 36-0. O Parsons, A Smith (2), H Weir (2), H McCreery (1C), E Rowell (1 & 2C)
v Danes Hill Won 41-5. S Aspland-Robinson (3), G Blandford-Newson, A Smith, H Weir (2), H McCreery (2C), E Rowell (1C)
v Bishop's Stortford Lost 5-17. S Aspland-Robinson