2009 Spring Term

Saturday, 10 January: HOCKEY v The Beacon

Colts A XI (H) Lost 1-9. L Stalder
Colts B XI (H) Lost 0-5


Junior School: McArthur (161), Wood (191), Cooper (233), Jenkins (238)
1st A Curtis, 2nd O Chalmers, 3rd E Cuttell
Middle School: Jenkins (155), Cooper (198), Wood (230), McArthur (267)
1st H Weir, 2nd L Stalder, 3rd H Laing
Senior School: Wood (330), Jenkins (353), Cooper (928), McArthur (1105)
1st H Reynolds, 2nd J Mason-Apps, 3rd H Lloyd
Overall: 1st Jenkins, 2nd Wood, 3rd Cooper, 4th McArthur

Wednesday, 14 January: RUGBY v St Columba's (H)

U9A IX Lost 10-15. C Blampied, E Revill
U9B IX Won 25-5. O Atkins, JR, A Turnbull (3)
U9C IX Won 40-20. P Gallagher, M George (4), A Jamil, C Maunder, G Thompson
U8A IX Lost 12-10
U8B IX Won 8-6

Saturday, 17 January: HOCKEY v Dragon


Saturday, 17 January: IAPS BADMINTON


B Hung and Y Shi won a place in the quarter-finals of the tournament losing 9-21, while D Zhai and A Smith lost in the quarter-finals of the plate competition 13-21.

Comment from Mr Godfrey:

This was the first time that a Caldicott badminton team had been entered for this national event, so it was very much a voyage of discovery for our players.

As novices in this competitive environment, our two pairs can be proud of their achievements. They fought hard for every point and, with a little bit more luck on their side they would have won three or four more games.

This was certainly a marvellous learning experience and it bodes well for our prospects in next year’s tournament. Well done to all of you!

Monday, 19 January: BASKETBALL v Lambrook Haileybury (A)

U11 Won 12-10
U13 Won 16-13

20 January: CROSS COUNTRY at Caldicott (H)

U11 Place
U13 Place
Overall Place
The Oratory

The Oratory

1st 4 Caldicott Positons:
U13: 7th H Reynolds, 25th S Stalder, 27th J Mason-Apps, 29th H McCreery
U11: 4th H Weir, 6th L Stalder, 21st W Moss, 24th H Laing

Tuesday, 20 January: HOCKEY v Papplewick (A)

1st XI Won 5-1. S Aspland-Robinson (2), S Stalder (2), F Tucker
2nd XI Won 8-1. G Blandford-Newson, H Greene, T Lambert (3), J Mason-Apps, G Parsons, H Shah

Wednesday, 21 January: HOCKEY v Eagle House

1st XI (A) Won 2-0. M Shah (2)
2nd XI (A) Won 3-0. JJ Gibbs, T Lambert, A Masih
3rd VII (H) Lost 2-5. D Graham (2)
4th XI (H) Lost 0-1
Colts A XI (A) Won3-1. B Nunn, F Peters, L Stalder
Colts B XI (A) Drew 0-0
Colts C XI (A) Won 7-0. F Fordham, T Macpherson-Marks (2), A Marsh (2), W Moss, J Polley

Wednesday, 21 January: FOOTBALL v Eagle House (A)

U13B Carousel Lost 1-3. M Hayes

Thursday, 22 January: SQUASH v Summer Fields (A)

Colts IV Won 4-0. H Guy (3-0), A Dega (4-1), L Stalder (3-1), H Laing (3-0)
Senior IV Won 3-1. N Sharma (3-1), T Pearce (1-3), A Maitala (3-1), F Tucker (3-2)

Thursday, 22 January: BADMINTON v Summer Fields (A)

1st VI Lost 5-4

Saturday, 24 January: RUGBY v British School of Paris (H)

'A' XV Won 35-0. S Aspland-Robinson (2), C Brown, H Daggett (2), J Figg, G Parsons

Monday, 26 January: BASKETBALL v Hall Grove (H)

U13 Won 42-30

Tuesday, 27 January: TAG RUGBY/FOOTBALL v Wetherby School (H)

U8A 87 year-three boys from both schools took part in a 15 match tag rugby tournament played on 5 pitches. The weather was good and the afternoon was a great success. U8A & B tournament: Both schools’ A and B teams played in a four-team tournament. Our A team was victorious, winning all 3 matches. Our B team did well despite losing twice and drawing once. U8C & D tournament: 4 Wetherby and 2 Caldicott teams played 3 matches each in a six-team tournament. Our C team won 2 and lost 1. The D team did slightly better, winning 2 and drawing the third.

Tuesday, 27 January: HOCKEY v Papplewick (A)


Wednesday, 28 January: FOOTBALL v Dair House (H)

U10 Carousel Lost 0-4

Thursday, 29 January: CHESS v Ridgeway (A)

1st XII Lost 5½-6½. L Pan (1), W Wei (1), J Temple (0), S Stalder (0), J Holmes (0), M Mirzan (0), J Rogers (0), M Temple (1), N Brown (0), A Peters (1), B Nunn (1), C Temple (½)

Saturday, 31 January: HOCKEY v Winchester House

1st XI (A) Lost 0-1
2nd XI (A) Drew 1-1. E Rowell
3rd XI (H) Lost 1-2. E Griffin
4th XI (H) Won 3-0. H Gillen-Toon, M Lambert, A Willford
Colts A VII (H) Won 2–1. L Stalder, T Wright
Colts B VII (A) Won 3-2. F Andreae, B Nunn (2)
Colts C VII (A) Lost 1-2. C Plant
Colts D VII (A) Lost 1-2. A Eglinton
Colts E VII (A) Won 2-0. O Arzt-Jones. C O'Shea

Sunday, 1 February: National Regionals - RUGBY at Epsom (A)

U9 The U9’s travelled to Epsom College on a very cold morning. Caldicott came second in their group after losing one match and winning the other. Their quarter final match was against St George’s Wimbledon, who had won their group. As the referee blew his whistle for the start of the game the snow started to descend on the pitch. In horrid conditions we battled hard but went into half-time two tries down. During the second half Caldicott played some wonderful rugby but eventually lost 15-25. Congratulations must go to the Caldicott boys, who never gave up and played some skilful rugby with great determination, on a day when the temperature never went over 0 degrees.

Tuesday, 3 February: RUGBY v St John's Northwood (A)


Tuesday, 3 February: CROSS COUNTRY London Area Meeting


Tuesday, 3 February: RUGBY v St John’s Northwood (A)


Wednesday 4 February: HOCKEY v Bedford


Thursday, 5 February: CROSS COUNTRY at Eagle House (A)


Tuesday, 10 February: RUGBY v St John's Northwood (H)


Tuesday, 10 February: SQUASH v Eton College (A)

1st V Drew 3-3. J Doggart, T Pearce, N Sharma

Wednesday, 11 February: HOCKEY v Hall Grove

1st XI (A) Won 5-0. S Aspland-Robinson (4), S Stalder
2nd XI (A) Won 4-2. T Lambert 2, J Mason-Apps 2
Colts A VII (H) Drew 3-3. B Nunn, L Stalder, T Wright
Colts B VII (H) Won 2-0. W Heywood, E Mackay
Colts C VII (H) Won 2-0. H Revill, A Shoff

Wednesday, 11 February: FOOTBALL v Papplewick

U13 Carousel (A) Won 12-3. J.B. (4), J Clay, L Hawley, S Hungin (3), Y Hoshina (2), C Morrisroe
U11A (H) Won 6-1. A Marsh (2), JY Jung (2), F Olakunri, OG
U11B (H) Won 13-0. K Dhesi, F Fordham (3), W Moss (2), A Randev, H Scott Lyon (3), C White (3)


Wednesday, 25 February: RUGBY SEVENS at St Mary's Hall (A)

1st VII v Ellesmere College Won 24-0. Y Hoshina (2), H Shah, S Stalder (1 & 1C), H Greene (1C),
v Oratory St Philips Won 35-21. S Aspland-Robinson, D Harriman, Y Hoshina, H Shah (2), H Greene (4C), S Stalder (1C)
v Packwood Haugh Won 7-0. P King, J Doggart (1C)
v St Aloysius Lost 12-17. S King, S Stalder, H Greene (1C)
v St Olaves Won 26-7. J Doggart, Y Hoshina, J Mason-Apps, S Stalder, H Greene (3C)
Plate Semi-Final v St Mary’s Hall Won 24-22. Y Hoshina, J Mason-Apps, H Shah, S Stalder (1 & 1C), H Greene (1C)
Plate Final v King's Macclesfield Won 29-7. S Aspland-Robinson, D Harriman, Y Hoshina (2), H Shah, J Doggart (2C)
2nd VII v The Oratory Lost 5-10. H Gillen-Toon
v St Mary's Hall Won 12-0. G Blandford-Newson, C Brown, H Gillen-Toon (1C)
v Winterfold House Won 34-0. C Brown, H Lloyd, H McCreery, O Wilson, H Gillen-Toon (2 & 1C), E Rowell (1C)
v Sedbergh JS Won 17-7. C Brown, JJ Gibbs, H Gillen-Toon (1 & 1C). Group winners
Semi – Final v St Olave’s Won 28-5. C Brown, H McCreery. H Gillen-Toon (2 & 4C)
Final v King’s Macclesfield lost 19-0

Wednesday, 25 February: RUGBY SEVENS at Caldicott (H) Tournament Results here

Colts A v Moulsford Won 14–5. H Guy, O Parsons, L Stalder (2C)
v St John’s Northwood Won 49–0. O Parsons (2), H Weir, T Wright (3), L Stalder (1 & 7C)
Quarter Final v Spratton Hall Lost 5-19. H Guy
Plate Semi final v Winchester House Lost 12–14. T Wright, O Parsons, L Stalder (1C)
Colts B v St John's Beaumont Won 21-17
v Donhead Won 27-7
v Moulsford Won 14-7
Final v Ridgeway Won 24-19

Scorers: F Andreae (2), H Laing (3), E Mackay (4), B Nunn (3 & 8C), A Marsh

Thursday, 26 February: CROSS COUNTRY - Ludgrove Relays (A)

U11 4th after St. Piran's, Hall Grove & The Oratory
U13 'A' team 10th; B team 22nd

Thursday, 26 February: SQUASH & BADMINTON v Dragon (H)

Squash Won 8-4
Badminton Won 15-0. Team: B Hung, M Shah, D Zhai, A Smith, C Clemo, J Clay

Match Report: This was our second match of the season against Dragon and, having won the previous encounter quite easily, this was an opportunity to give some of our less experienced players a chance to represent the school; in fact, this team was composed entirely of 5th Formers. It is very pleasing to report that we won again and, this time, our players did it without losing a single match. Despite the impression that the final score might give, this was certainly no walkover, as, in most of the matches, our players had to fight hard for every point. Congratulations to B Hung on captaining the team to victory, and to J Clay for winning every match in his first outing for the team. We can definitely look forward to next season with some confidence.

Saturday, 28 February: RUGBY v Summer Fields (A)

5th XV Won 39-0. Y Akhtar, E Ezekiel (2), J Kim, C Ybarra, A.B. (2 & 1C), T Goodinge (1C)
Colts D XII Won 49-7. O Arzt-Jones, J Polley (2), L Wright, W Moss (3 & 7C)
U10 IX Won 25-5. J Awdry (2), M Zuanic (3)

Sunday, 1 March: CROSS COUNTRY - at Malvern (A)

IAPS Nationals Position 12/25

Monday, 2 March: BASKETBALL v Hall Grove (A)

U13 Won 44-31

Tuesday, 3 March: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House (H)

Colts C XII (v S.H. 'B') Lost 0-47
Colts D XII (v S.H. 'C') Lost 5-36. A White
Colts E XII (v S.H. 'D') Won 54-5. D Birkinshaw (6), J.C. (2), C Plant (7C)

Tuesday, 3 March: HOCKEY v St John's Northwood (A)

U13 VII Lost 2-9. T Ahmed, E Griffin
U12 VII Won 12-0. D Graham (3), M Shah (5), F Tucker (3), W Swift

Wednesday, 4 March: RUGBY SEVENS at St John's Beaumont (A)

Colts v St John's Northwood Won 33-0. H Weir, T Wright, Penalty Try, L Stalder (2 & 3C)
v The Oratory Lost 5-12. E Taylor
v St Columba's Lost 5-19
Plate Semi-Final v The Old Vicarage Won 33-0. E Taylor (2), H Weir (3), B Nunn (4C)

Plate Final v Donhead Won 24-0. O Parsons (2), H Weir, T Wright, L Stalder (1C), E Taylor (1C)

Wednesday, 4 March: RUGBY U9 Festival at Caldicott (H)

U9A v Summer Fields Won 15-0
v LambrooK Haileybury Won 15–0
v St John’s Beaumont Won 10-0
Sem-Final v Ridgeway Won 10–5

Final v Shrewsbury House Lost 0-10

U9B v Lambrook Haileybury Won 10-0
v Summer Fields Won 25-0
v Rokeby Drew 0-0
v St John's Beaumont Won 35-0. Competition Winners, on points difference from Rokeby

Wednesday, 4 March: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House (A)

5th XV Drew 10-10. M Ariyo (2)
6th XV Won 38-5. N Kim (3), J Walker, E Ezekiel (2 & 3C), D Graham (1C)

Wednesday, 4 March: FOOTBALL v Papplewick (A)

U13 XI Won 6-0. J Holmes, C Morrisroe 3, C Olrik 2

Thursday, 5 March: CROSS COUNTRY at Horris Hill (A)

U11 Team: 3rd. Individuals: H Weir (3), L Stalder (11), H Laing 12)
U9 Team: 1st. Individuals: E Cuttell (3), G Acland (5), O Chalmers (6), W Hobbs (7)

Friday, 6 March: RUGBY TOUR to Paris

Colts A British School of Paris Tournament:

v BSP U11 Won 50-0. F Andreae (2), W Blackmore, H Laing (2), T McCullagh (2) J Speed (2), L Stalder
v BSP U13 Drew 20-20. O Parsons (2), L Stalder, H Weir
v Acheres Won 40-0. W Blackmore, W Heywood, H Laing, E Mackay, O Parsons, J Speed, H Weir, T Wright
v Le Cheney Won 40-0. F Andreae (2), W Heywood (2), J Speed, T McCullagh, O Parsons, T Wright
Tournament Winners

Tuesday, 10 March: RUGBY v Ludgrove (A)

U9 A Won 10-5. O Atkins, C Blampied
U9 B Won 40-5. N Andreae (3), J Bell, M George (2), C Goswami-Myerscough, J Tahany

Wednesday, 11 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Caldicott (H)

1st VII v St John's Northwood Won 26-7. S Aspland-Robinson, Y Hoshina (3), S King (2C), S Stalder (1C)
v Dragon Lost 7-12. J Mason-Apps, S Stalder (1C)
v Danes Hill Won 19-0. H Shah, S King (1 & 1C), S Stalder (1 & 1C)

Quarter Final v Winchester House. Won 12-5. Y Hoshina, H Shah, S Stalder (1C)
Semi Final v The Downs. Lost 7-27. Y Hoshina, S King (1C)

2nd VII v The Oratory Won 26-0. D Harriman, JJ Gibbs, O Wilson, H Gillen-Toon (1 & 3C)
v Port Regis Lost 7-15. D Harriman, H Gillen-Toon (1C)
v Moulsford Won 22-12. D Harriman (4), H Gillen-Toon (1C)

Semi Final v Millfield Won 10-7 H Gillen-Toon, H McCreery
Final v St John's Beaumont Lost 12-20. D Harriman (2), E Rowell (1C)

Wednesday, 11 March: RUGBY at the St John's Beaumont Festival (A)

U9A v St Columba's Lost 5-15
v St John's Northwood Drew 10-10
v Donhead Drew 5-0

Plate Semi Final v Lambrook Haileybury Won 10-0
Plate Final v St Benedict's Won 10-5

Thursday, 12 March: FOOTBALL at the Papplewick Festival (A)

Colts A IX v Papplewick B Drew 0-0
v Gayhurst Lost 3-0
v The Oratory Lost 2-0
v Dragon Lost 3-0

Plate Semi-Final v Thorpe House Lost 1-2. E Taylor

Friday, 13 March: HOCKEY v Dr Challoner's (A)

U13 A XI Lost 0-5

Saturday, 14 March: RUGBY SEVENS at Millfield (A)

1st VII v St John's Beaumont Won 24-0. D Harriman, Y Hoshina (2), H Shah, S King (2C)
v Queen Elizabeth Hospital Won 22-5. Y Hoshina, J Mason-Apps, H Shah (2), S Stalder (1C)
v Downsend Won 22-0. Y Hoshina (2), H Shah (2), S Stalder (1C)
v Plymouth College Won 46-0. S Aspland-Robinson, D Harriman (2), J Mason-Apps (2), F Olaleye (2), H Greene (2C), S Stalder (1& 1C)

Quarter Final v Halliford Won 24-7. Y Hoshina (2), F Olaleye, S Stalder (1 & 2C)
Semi Final v Rokeby Won 24-0. Y Hoshina (3), F Olaleye, S Stalder (2C)
v Dulwich College Won 19-7. Y Hoshina (2), S Stalder (1 & 2C). Tournament Winners

Saturday, 14 March: HOCKEY at the Hall Grove Tournament (A)

Colts VII v Aldro Lost 0-1
v Edgeborough Drew 0-0
v Hall Grove A Lost 0-1
v Hall Grove B Won 2-0. W Heywood, H Revill

Semi Final v Hall Grove A Lost 3-2. A Shoff (2)

Wednesday, 18 March: RUGBY at St John's Northwood (A)

1st VII v Colet Court Won 17-14. Y Hoshina (2), F Olaleye, S King (1C)
v Winchester House Lost 0-7
v Moulsford Lost 14-19. Y Hoshina, H Shah, S King (2C)
Colts VII v Moulsford Lost 7-26. E Mackay, B Nunn (1C)
v York House Won 33-7. O Parsons, H Weir, T Wright, B Nunn (2C), E Taylor (2 & 2C)
v St John's Northwood Won 7-0. T Wright, B Nunn (1C)

Semi Final v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-35

Monday/Tuesday, 23-24 March: RUGBY - NATIONAL PREP SCHOOLS' SEVENS at Rosslyn Park

1st VII v Cranmore Won 33-0. D Harriman, Y Hoshina (2), J Mason-Apps, J Doggart (1C), S King (1 & 3C)
v The Mall Won 61-7. S Aspland-Robinson, D Harriman, Y Hoshina (2), P King, J Mason-Apps, S Stalder, J Doggart (1 & 7C), H Greene (1 & 1C)
v Ludgrove Won 50-0. S Aspland-Robinson, Y Hoshina (2), P King, J Mason-Apps, F Olaleye, J Doggart (3C), H Greene (2 & 2C)
v King's Hall Won 34-7. Y Hoshina (2), S King, J Mason-Apps, F Olaleye (2), J Doggart (2C)

Quarter Final v Dulwich College Lost 7-10. J Mason-Apps, C Doggart (1C)

Monday/Tuesday, 26-30 March: RUGBY - Tour to Rome

1st Squad v Lazio U14 Lost 10-31. C Brown, D Harriman
v Capitolana U14 Lost 7-22. F Olaleye, H Greene (1C)