2010 - Autumn Term

14 Sept: FOOTBALL v Wetherby (H)

U8 A, B & C

Brief report from SVS:

Despite the rainy and windy weather the boys played very enthusiastically. The attack and defence were good. However, Wetherby proved to have some very strong players and we were unable to win our matches. The boys played very well in a team.

15 Sept: RUGBY Dragon Festival (A)

1st XV

v Davenies Won 12-7. W Blackmore, H Weir, A Wardlaw (1C)
v Abingdon Won 7-0. T Wright, A Wardlaw (1C)
v Magdalen College School Lost 0-7
v Dragon Lost 0-7

15 Sept: RUGBY The Oratory Festival (A)


v The Beacon Lost 0-20
v Davenies Lost 5-20. C Sellers
v Donhead Lost 0-20
v St George's Drew 10–10. F Heffer, R Marshall
v Gayhurst Drew 10–10. R Ravagnan, C Sellers

15 Sept: FOOTBALL v Cheam (A)


Lost 0-2

U10C Lost 1-3. K Gill

18 Sept: RUGBY Port Regis Festival (A)

Colts A XII

v Chafyn Grove Won 28–0. M Ede, M Martin-Zakheim, E Revill (2), O Chalmers (4C)
v Millfield Won 14–0. M Ede, O Elgendy, O Chalmers (2C)
v Sandroyd Won 28–0. O Atkins, M Martin-Zakheim, E Revill, F Mackaness; O Chalmers (4C)
Semi Final v Blundells Lost 0–14

18 Sept: FOOTBALL v Summer Fields

U13A (A)
Won 6-3. K Ariyo (2), M Krakue (2), C Tholstrup (2)
U13B (A)
Lost 3-7. S Ahmed (2), C Temple
U13C (H)
Lost 1-8. F Olakunri
U11A (A)
Lost 2-4. G Naylor (2)
U11B (H) Won 2-0. W Hobbs, T Lowe
U10A (A)
Lost 0-5
U10B (A)
Lost 3-7

18-19 Sept: RUGBY Northern Tour (A)

1st XV

v King Edward’s & Queen Mary’s Lytham
Won 32-5
v Giggleswick Won 12-0

Sunday: Sedbergh tournament
v Aysgarth Won 22-0
v St Mary’s Hall Won 5-0
v St Anselm’s Won 15-0
v Abberley Hall Drew 0-0
Quarter-final v Terrington Hall Lost 5-12

Try-scorers were not recorded, because of the dreadful weather!

21 Sept: RUGBY v The Beacon

U9A IX (A) Lost 5-30. H Stalder
U9B IX (A) Lost 5-35. O Heffer
U9C IX (A) Drew 25-25. Z Ahmed, T Ruparel, A Harris, J Masih, A Scott
U8A (H)

Lost 6-7

U8B (H) Lost 0-7
U8C (H) Lost 0-6

22 Sept: RUGBY v The Oratory

1st XV (A)

Won 15-0. H Guy, O Parsons, T Wright

2nd XV (H)

Lost 5-7. A Shoff

3rd XV (A)

Won 55-7. K Ariyo (4), J Polley, O Roberts, H Wakefield, P Turczynowicz, A Eglinton (3C), E Pycroft (2C)

4th XV (A) Won 46-10. G Bracken, H McCullagh, W Pritchard, C Plant, S Ramezani, W Moss (3 & 3C)

Colts A XII (A)

Drew 7-7. E Revill, O Chalmers (1C)

Colts B XII (H)

Won 47-7. C Sellers, M Du Toit (2), M Stalder (3), B Andreae (1 & 6C)

Colts C XII (H)

Won 41-0. W Hobbs (2), G Naylor, J Lagesse (2), P Gallagher (1 & 1C) M George (1 & 1C), G Thompson (1C)


25 Sept: RUGBY v Spratton Hall

1st XV (A)

Won 31-26. W Blackmore, O Parsons, H Weir, T Wright, A Wardlaw (1 & 2C), L Stalder (1C)

2nd XV (A) Won 29-0. O Arzt-Jones, J Rogers, A Shoff (2), J Sandom (1 & 2C)
3rd XV (H) Cancelled
Colts A (H) Won 28-0. M Ede, O Elgendy, E Revill (2), O Chalmers (4C)
Colts B (H) Won 51-5. J Bell, Ho Scott- Lyon 4, J Tahany, E Cuttell, N Andreae (2 & 3C)
U10A (A) Drew 30-30. D Shortt (2), M Stalder (4)
U10B (A) Won 65-0. S Eyre (6), G Green, J Lagesse, W Nicholson (3), JJ Wong (2)

28 Sept: RUGBY v St Columba's

U9A (A) Lost 5-35. G Perkins
U9B (A) Lost 15-35. W Morley (3)
U9C (A) Won 55-5. A Harris (2), J Masih (3), H Martin, H McNally (3), T Ruparel (2)


29 Sept: RUGBY v St Columba's

Colts A XII (H) Won 28-0. F Mackaness (2), M Martin-Zakheim (2), O Chalmers (4C)
Colts B XII (H) Lost 12-26. A Ferreira, M George, G Thompson (1C)
Colts C XII (H) Won 36-0
Colts D

Won 75-0. N Cheung (3), A Gill (3), A Glahn, S Jackson (2), A Jamil (2), A Lee, W Nelson, C Rushton (2)

30 Sept: BADMINTON v Dragon

Senior VI Won 14-1

30 Sept: SQUASH v Dragon

1st V Won 12-0

5 Oct: RUGBY v Davenies (H)


Lost 0-25


Lost 5-35. Ar.Sangha


Won 15-5. A Harris, J Masih, H McNally

U9D IX Won 30-10. G Drax (3), S Hack, M Haddad, R Pope

6 Oct: RUGBY v Davenies

2nd XV (H)

Lost 10-38. J Sandom (2)

5th XV (A)

Lost 5-55. C Plant

Colts A XII (A)

Lost 21-35. O Atkins, O Elgendy, E Revill, O Chalmers (3C)

Colts B XII (H) Won 28-7. W A'Brassard (2), N Andreae, G Thompson, A Ferreira (4C)
Colts C XII (H) Won 31-29. T Lowe (2), H McClean, G Naylor (2 & 3C)
U10A XII (H) Won 20-15. G Green, F Heffer, M Stalder (2)
U10B XII (A) Won 30-15. J Lagesse, R Ravagnan (2), D Shortt, Am.Sangha, JJ Wong

6 Oct: FOOTBALL v Hall Grove (A)


Lost 0-5

7 Oct: RUGBY v Davenies

U8A XII (A) Won 6-4
U8B XII (A) Lost 7-9
U8C XII (A) Lost 1-5

9 Oct: RUGBY v St John's Beaumont

1st XV (A) Won 12-10. O Parsons, Ho. Scott Lyon, B Nunn (1C)
2nd XV (H) Drew 12-12. O Ezekiel, O Peters, J Sandom (1C)
3rd XV (H) Lost 17-22. K Ariyo, M Krakue, E Pycroft (2C)
4th XV (H) Won 19-5. G Bracken, E Curtis, SJ Kim, W Moss (2C)
5th XV (A) Won 54–0. R Dick (3), D Harriman (2), H Lepp, S Ramezani (2), C Plant (7C)
Colts A XII (H) Won 28-14. A Curtis, F Mackaness, M Martin-Zakheim (x2), O Chalmers (4C)
Colts B XII (H) Won 12-7. N Andreae, Ho. Scott Lyon, A Ferreira (1C)
Colts C XII (A) Cancelled
U9A IX (H) Lost 5-40. A Leney
U9B IX (H) Lost 5-10. J Masih
U9C IX (H) Cancelled
U8A IX (A) Lost 5-9
U8B IX (A) Lost 1-7
U8C IX (A) Won 4-2

10 Oct: RUGBY Marlborough Tournament (A)


v Marlborough RFC Won 15-5. W Morley, A Naydenov, G Perkins
v Dragon Lost 0-10
v St John’s Beaumont Lost 0-20
v Moulsford B Drew 15-15. G Perkins (2), H Stalder
v Colet Court Lost 5-15. W Morley.

Overall positioning 8/10. A valiant display overall and we were the better team in 4 of our 5 matches. We rucked effectively and moved the ball wide, which was heartening to see after the last few games. However, we must be more aggressive and willing to tackle big players.

11 Oct: BASKETBALL v Lambrook (H)


Lost 23-10. J Chibo (4), O Ezekiel (2), L Stalder (4)

U13B Won 20-4. O Parsons (4), Z Redgrave (4), J Sandom (6), E Taylor (2), B Tholstrop (2), T Wildblood (2)

12 Oct: RUGBY v Gayhurst (H)


Lost 0-30

U9B Lost 5-20. J Masih
U9C Lost 5-15. A Scott
U9D Won 6-2. G Drax (3), M Haddad, S Hack, R Pope

13 Oct: RUGBY v St John's, Northwood

1st XV (A) Won 36-0. J Chibo (2), T McCullagh, Ho. Scott Lyon, Nunn (2 & 3C)

4th XV (H)

Won 19–5. F Olakunri, A Song, P Turczynowicz, W Moss (2C)

6th XV (H) 27–17. J-y Jung, C O'Shea, M Urashima, C Plant (2 & 1C)

13 Oct: RUGBY v Abingdon Prep (A)

2nd XV

Lost 7-15 v Abingdon 1st XV. K Ariyo, B Tholstrup (1C)

3rd XV

Won 42-0. M Krakue (3), E Pycroft, A White (3), J Sandom (1 & 1C)

13 Oct: RUGBY v The Oratory (H)


Won 55-0. M Akhtar (3), W Hobbs (2), D Shortt (2), C Sellers, M Stalder (3)



U10C Won 20-10. F Watson-Smyth (4)

13 Oct: RUGBY v The Beacon (A)

Colts D

Won 14-12. Am. Sangha, W Nicholson (1 & 2C)

Colts E

Won 26-12. N Cheung, G Naylor (3 & 3C)

16 Oct: RUGBY v Dragon

1st XV (H) Won 32-7. J Chibo, Ho. Scott Lyon, T Wildblood (2), T Wright, B Nunn (1 & 1C)
2nd XV (A) Lost 12-19. O Arzt-Jones, F Andreae (1 & 1C)
3rd XV (H) Won 24-7. M Krakue (2), A White, J Sandom (1 & 2C)
4th XV (A) Lost 7-32. W Moss (1 & 1C)
5th XV (A) Lost 21-27. SJ Kim (2), C Plant (1 & 3C)
Colts A XII (A) Lost 14-28. M Martin-Zakheim, E Revill, O Chalmers (2C)
Colts B XII (A)

Won 14-7. N Andreae, O Elgendy, A Ferreira (2C)

Colts C XII (H) Lost 54-14. N Cheung, C Maunder, G Naylor (2C)

20 Oct: RUGBY v Pinewood (A)


Lost 10-31 (v Pinewood 1st XV). M Krakue, O Roberts

Colts A/B XI

Won 33–0. G Acland, F Mackaness, M Martin-Zakheim (2), W Prew, O Chalmers (4C)

20 Oct: RUGBY v Dragon (A)


Lost 5-15. G Green

20 Oct: FOOTBALL v Hall Grove

U11A (H)

Lost 1-7. G Naylor

U11B (H) Lost 0-6
U10A (A) Lost 12-1. J Chang
U10B (A) Lost 0-9
U10C (A) Lost 0-4


3 Nov : RUGBY v Bedford

1st XV (A) Lost 0-55
2nd XV (H) Won 54-0. K Ariyo, O Arzt-Jones (2), M Krakue, Z Redgrave (4), A Shoff, F Andreae (1 & 1C) J Sandom (1C)
3rd XV (A) Lost 0-39 v Bedford U12A
4th XV (H) Lost 10-18. G Bracken, F Olakunri
5th XV (A) Lost 0-62
Colts A XII (H) Won 42-14. M Martin-Zakheim (4), F Mackaness, E Revill, O Chalmers (6C)
Colts B XII (A) Won 67-7. W A’Brassard, J Bell, O Elgendy (2), P Gallagher, C Goswami-Myerscough, He. Scott Lyon (2), J Tahany, N Andreae (2 & 3C), A Ferreira (3C)
U10 A (H) Won 25-10. Du Toit, M Stalder (4)
Colts D XII (A) Won 56-0. N Cheung, W Nicholson (4), S Sogbesan, JJ Wong, J Lagesse (1 & 4C), G Naylor (4C)
Colts E XII (H) Won 25-0. O Garrood, A Jamil, H McClean (2), F Sasada

5 Nov: CHESS v Ridgeway (H)

U11 Lost 0-4
U9 Lost ½-3½

6 Nov: RUGBY v The Downs (H)

1st XV Won 48-7. J Chibo (2), H Guy, H Weir, T Wright (2), B Nunn (2 & 3C), A Wardlaw (1C)
Colts A XII Won 35-0. M Martin-Zakheim (2), E Revill (2), Turnbull, O Chalmers (5C)

6 Nov: FOOTBALL v Eton College (H)

U13 Lost 1-8. C Tholstrup

6 Nov: RUGBY v The Oratory

U9A IX (H) Lost 5-35
U9B IX (H) Lost 0-25
U9C IX (H) Cancelled
U8A (A) Lost 9-8
U8B (A) Lost 9-8  
U8C (A) Drew 7-7  

10 Nov: FOOTBALL v Ludgrove

6th XI (H)

Won 9-0. S Ahmed (3), J-y Jung, M Mirzan, S Ramezani, C Temple (2), C Tholstrup

U11 (A) Won 4-1. N Cheung, K Gill, C Rushton (2)
U10A (A) Lost 2-4. F Watson-Smyth (2)
U10B (A) Won 6-3. J Beardsworth, R Usmani (5)



McArthur, Wood, Jenkins, Cooper

Juniors Wood, McArthur, Cooper, Jenkins

11 Nov: SQUASH v Summer Fields (H)

1st V Won 9-1

13 Nov: RUGBY v Winchester House

1st XV (A) Won 27-12. W Blackmore, J Chibo (2), O Parsons, B Nunn (1 & 1C)
3rd XV (H) Won 17-10. A Dega, A Eglinton, F Fordham, A Marsh (1C)
5th XV (H) Cancelled
Colts A XII (A) Won 21-7. G Acland, C Blampied, M Martin-Zakheim, O Chalmers (3C)
Colts B XII (H) Won 21-7. P Gallagher, He. Scott Lyon, C Sellers, A Ferreira (3C)
Colts C XII (A) Won 54-10. Cuttell, S Eyre, T Lowe, D Shortt, S Sogbesan, M Stalder (3), G Thompson, M Du Toit (1C), W Hobbs (1 & 1C)
U9A IX (H) Lost 5-60. A Leney
U9B IX (A) Lost 15-20. O Bell (3)
U9C IX (H) Won 20-10. A Harris, A Scott (2), R Pope

16 Nov: RUGBY St Columba's Festival (A)

U9A Played 5: Lost 3, Won 2
Qualified for plate semi-final
Placed 11/16

16 Nov: RUGBY v St John's, Northwood (H)

U9B Won 40-15. O Heffer, J Masih (4), J Oakland, R Mackenzie, E Urashima
U9C Won 45-15. Z Ahmed, F Alderton, A Grewal, S Hack (2), A Scott (4)

17 Nov: RUGBY v Moulsford

1st XV (H) Won 22-10. J Chibo, E Mackay, A Wardlaw, H Weir, B Nunn (1C)
2nd XV (H) Won 37-0. K Ariyo, G Mackaness, Z Redgrave (2), J Sandom (2), J Speed, F Andreae (1C)
3rd XV (H) Drew 5-5. N Brown
4th XV (H) Won 50-10. D Birkinshaw, O Ezekiel, SJ Kim, F Olakunri, P Turczynowicz (3), W Moss (1 & 5C)
Colts A XII (A) Won 12-0. M Martin-Zakheim (2), O Chalmers (1C)
Colts B XII (A) Won 54-0. P Gallagher, M George, He. Scott Lyon (5), G Thompson, A Ferreira (7C)
Colts C XII (A) Won 14-7. T Lowe, JJ Wong, J Lagesse (2C)
Colts D XII (A) Won 12-7. A Glahn, F Watson-Smyth, F Sasada (1C)

17 Nov: RUGBY v Dragon

5th XV (H) Lost 10-55. J-y Jung (2)
Colts E (A) Lost 5-30. C Rushton

17 Nov: RUGBY at The Oratory Festival (A)

U10 A Group games
Caldicott 15 Abingdon 5
Caldicott 0 Ridgeway 15
Caldicott 20 Oratory 0

Semi-final: Lost 5-15

18 Nov: BASKETBALL v Yateley Manor (A)


Lost 15-17. M Ede (6), O Elgendy (4), M Martin-Zakheim (2), J Robinson (3)

19 Nov: FOOTBALL v Hawkesdown House (H)


Mr Granville's report:|

We played a five team tournament (3 Caldicott teams and 2 Hawkesdown House) and all the teams played each other. It was all very close with only goal difference separating the top two teams and only one point separating the teams in 3rd, 4th and 5th place. Everyone tried very hard and produced some great football.

Final positions:
1. Hawkesdown House 2
2. Caldicott Panthers
3. Caldicott Lions
4. Caldicott Tigers
5. Hawkesdown House 1

20 Nov: RUGBY v Dulwich College Prep

1st XV (A) Won 24-13. E Bagger (2), H Guy (2), B Nunn (2C)
2nd XV (A) Won 36-7. G Beard, D Sharma, A Shoff (2), J Speed, Z Redgrave, F Andreae (1C), J Sandom (2C)
3rd XV (A) Lost 0-42 v DCP U12A
4th XV (A) Lost 0-36
5th XV (A) Lost 7-32. A Rushton, M Urashima (1C)
Colts A XII (H) Won 49-7. C Blampied (2), M Ede, F Mackaness, M Martin-Zakheim (2), A Turnbull, O Chalmers (7C)
Colts B XII (H) Won 10-0. M Stalder, He.Scott Lyon
Colts C XII (H) Won 21-14. M Du Toit, S Eyre, R Ravagnan W Hobbs (3C)
Colts D XII (H) Won 27-10. N Cheung, T Gosal, T Lowe (3), J Lagesse (1C)

23 Nov: RUGBY v Colet Court (H)

Colts A XII Won 28-7. M Ede, M Martin-Zakheim, E Revill (2), O Chalmers (4C)
Colts B XII Won 26-7. J Bell, M Stalder, He. Scott Lyon, N Andreae (1C), A Ferreira (1 & 2C)
Colts C XII Won 40-28. Akhtar (2), E Cuttell (2), W Nicholson, S Sogbesan, W Hobbs (5C)
Colts D XII Won 41-0. T Lowe (2), JJ Wong, D Shortt (2 & 1C), J Lagesse (1 & 1C), C Maunder (1 & 1C)

23 Nov: RUGBY v Moulsford (A)

U9A IX Lost 10-25. A Leney (2)
U9B IX Lost 0-15
U9C IX Lost 10-25. A Grewal, J Robinson
U9D IX Lost 10-15. G Drax, H Martin

24 Nov: RUGBY v Colet Court

1st XV (A) Lost 5-38. E Bagger
2nd XV (A) Won 29-17. K Ariyo (2), O Arzt-Jones, G Beard, Z Redgrave, J Sandom (2C)
3rd XV (H) Lost 12-22. A Eglinton, S Morrisroe, A Marsh (1C) v CC U12A
4th XV (H) Lost 0-22
5th XV (H) Lost 14-57. G Atkinson, J You, C Plant (2C)

1 Dec: RUGBY v Abingdon Prep

Colts A (H) Cancelled
Colts B (H) Cancelled
U10A (A) Cancelled

1 Dec: RUGBY v Danes Hill

1st XV (H) Cancelled
2nd XV (H) Cancelled
3rd XV (A) Cancelled
4th XV (A) Cancelled
5th XV (A) Cancelled

4 Dec: JUDO Hall Grove Championships (A)


4 Dec: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House

1st XV (H) Cancelled
2nd XV (H) Cancelled
3rd XV (H) Cancelled
4th XV (H) Cancelled
5th XV (H) Cancelled
Colts A XII (A) Cancelled
Colts B XII (A) Cancelled
Colts C XII (A) Cancelled
Colts D XII (A) Cancelled

8 Dec: RUGBY v Papplewick

1st XV (H) Cancelled
4th XV (H) Cancelled
5th XV (A) Cancelled
Colts A XII (H) Cancelled
Colts C XII (A) Cancelled
U9A (H) Cancelled
U9B (H) Cancelled
U8A (A) Postponed until next term
U8B (A) Postponed until next term

8 Dec: RUGBY v Gayhurst (H)

Colts D XII


8 Dec: RUGBY v Dair House (H)

Colts E IX

Lost 20-35. G Oakland (2), H Pooley, C Rushton