2009 - Autumn Term

15 Sept: FOOTBALL v Wetherby (H)

U8 A, B & C

Match Report from Mr Granville:

The rain which fell shortly before the matches started did not spoil what turned out to be a fantastic afternoon’s entertainment.

The Animals, Bears, Cowboys and Devils performed really well against four teams from Wetherby. Almost sixty players took part in no fewer than sixteen matches. There was plenty of excitement and goals on all four pitches; every team had some success.

All of you looked as though you were enjoying yourselves and it was good for you to experience playing for Caldicott in a school match. I thought you did very well.

16 Sept: RUGBY Papplewick Festival (A)

1st XV

Plate Winners
v Papplewick B
Won 31-0. S Aspland-Robinson, H Guy, H Lloyd, M Arzt-Jones (2), A Masih (3C)
v St John's Beaumont Lost 0-7
v Papplewick Drew 5-5. T Lotter
Plate Final v Dragon Won 7-0. J Figg, A Masih (C)

18-21 Sept: RUGBY Northern Tour (A)

1st XV

v King Edwards & Queen Mary's, Lytham
Won 27-0. M Arzt-Jones, D Graham, T Lotter, M Shah (2), A Masih (1C)

Sedbergh Festival

v The Oratory Lost 0-5
v Giggleswick Won 15-0. D Graham, H Guy, F Tucker
v Sedbergh Won 10-0. S Aspland-Robinson, M Shah
v Terrington Lost 5-7. M Shah

Plate Quarter Final v St Mary's Hall Won 25-0. J Figg, D Graham (3), H Guy
Plate Semi Final v Witham Hall Lost 5-12. M Arzt-Jones

19 Sept: RUGBY Port Regis Festival (A)

Colts A XII

Group Matches

v Clifton College Lost 7-0

v Blundell’s
Won 28-0. H Revill, O Roberts, A Shoff, M Zuanic, O Chalmers (4C)

v Millfield
Lost 7-19 A Shoff, O Chalmers (4C)

Plate Semi Final v Papplewick
Won 19-7. J Awdry, W Heywood, O Chalmers (1 & 2C)

Plate Final v Chafyn Grove
Lost 28-12. H Revill, A Shoff, O Chalmers (1C)

19 Sept: RUGBY v Papplewick (A)

U8 A

Lost 7-8

U8 B

Lost 2-4

22 Sept: RUGBY v The Beacon

U9 A IX (H) Lost 10-20. R Marshall, M Stalder
U9 B IX (H) Drew 10-10. G Green, G Temple
U9 C IX (H) Lost 15-20. K Gill, A Pomfret, H Pooley
U8 A (A) Lost 10-16
U8 B (A) Lost 4-10
U8 C (A) Lost 3-10

23 Sept: RUGBY v The Oratory

1st XV (H)

Won 17-0. T Pearce, H Weir, A Masih (Pen & 2C)

2nd XV (A)

Won 59-0. M Arzt-Jones, EM Ezekiel, B Plumb, A Clayton, H Lloyd, T McCullagh, O Parsons (2), L Stalder, T Wright, E Taylor (1 & 2C)

3rd/4th XV (H)

Won 65-0. I Akhtar, N Kim (3), H Laing (2), M Lambert (2), B Maxwell, W Swift, T Goodinge (1 & 5C)

Colts A XII (H)

Lost 12-28. E Pycroft, A Shoff, O Chalmers (1C)

Colts B XII (A)

Won 24-0. G Acland, D Birkinshaw, C Blampied (2), A Maxwell (2C)

Colts C XII (A)

Won 65-5. O Atkins, E Cuttell, EO Ezekiel (3), H McCullagh (3), He Scott Lyon (2), C Bracken (1 & 5C)


23 Sept: RUGBY v The Beacon

Colts D XII (A)

Lost 14-17. G Alvarez Munoz, S Trew, C Plant (2C)

24 Sept: SWIMMING - Prep Schools' Gala at Tonbridge

9 schools competed. Our best result was 3rd in the 50m breaststroke by B Plumb. The medley relay team got through the heats into the A race and achieved an overall 5th/9 place.

26 Sept: RUGBY v Spratton Hall


30 Sept: RUGBY v Abingdon Prep

1st XV (A)

Won 65-7. S Aspland-Robinson (2), G Blandford-Newson (2), D Graham, T Pearce, M Shah (4), A Williams, A Masih (5C)

2nd XV (H)

Won 57-0. M Arzt-Jones (3), H Lloyd, B Nunn, B Plumb (2), E Taylor, E Ezekiel (1 & 5C), T Wright. (1C)

3rd XV (H)


30 Sept: RUGBY v St Columba's (H)

Colts A XII


Colts B XII


Colts C XII


30 Sept: FOOTBALL v Hall Grove (A)

Carousel U10 VII

Won 3-0. L Gordon (2), T Gosal

4 Oct: RUGBY Monkton Combe Festival (A)

Colts A XII

Group Matches

v Cheltenham College Lost 0-14
v The Paragon Won 26-0. W Heywood, A Turnbull, T Wildblood, M Zuanic, O Chalmers (3C)
v All Hallows Lost 0-7
v Chafyn Grove Drew 0-0
v Hazlegrove Won 7-0. H Revill, O Chalmers (1C)

4th v 4th in groups
v Sherborne Prep
Drew 7-7. T Wildblood, O Chalmers (1C)

6 Oct: RUGBY v Davenies (A)


Won 5-0. F Heffer


Won 25-15. M Du Toit (3), G Temple, J Wong


Lost 0-20


Lost 5-75. C Taylor

7 Oct: RUGBY v Davenies

2nd XV (A)

(v Davenies 1sts): Won 29-17. H Lloyd (2), O Parsons, L Stalder, E Ezekiel (3C, & 1 Penalty)

5th XV (H)

Lost 12-17. F Fordham, J Polley, W Moss (1C)

Colts A XII (H)

Lost 5-7. E Revill

Colts B XII (A)

Won 54-0. C Blampied (2), Jy Jung, H Maxwell, A Shoff (3), A Song, A Maxwell (7C)

Colts C XII (A)

Lost 0-49

Colts D XII (H)

Won 45-0. M George, T Lowe (2), G Alvarez Munoz (3), C Plant (1 & 5C)

U10 Carousel (A)

Lost 10-40

7 Oct: RUGBY v Downsend

1st XV (A) Won 21-0. M Adcock, M Shah (2), A Masih (3C)
3rd XV (A)

(v Downsend 2nds): Lost 5-12. N Kim

4th XV (H) Won 36-5. B Hung, C Lavelle, L Pan (3), A Peters, W Blundell (3C)

10 Oct: RUGBY v St John's Beaumont

1st XV (H) Lost 0-7
2nd XV (A) Won 24-5. B Plumb, E Ezekiel, L Stalder. Conversions E Ezekiel (3C + 1 Penalty)
3rd XV (H) Won 24-19. N Kim (2), Ho Scott Lyon, T Goodinge (1 & 2C)
4th XV (A) Won 49-5. M Ariyo (3), O Arzt-Jones, B Hung (2), L Pan (2), A Peters, W Blundell (1C), J Clay (1C)
5th XV (H) Won 38-5. E Bagger (3), A Marsh, S Morrisroe, W Moss (4C)
Colts A XII (A) Lost 0-19
Colts B XII (A) Lost 14-22. D Birkinshaw, A Shoff (1 & 2C)
Colts C XII (H) Won 42–17. G Naylor, C Plant, S Ramezani (2), J Tahany, G Alvarez Munoz (1 & 6C)
U9 A IX (A) Won 25-10. F Heffer, R Marshall (2), M Stalder (2)
U9 B IX (A) Lost 10-25. G Green (2)
U9 C IX (A) Won 25-0. J Fennell, R McCullagh, A Pomfret (2), H Pooley
U8 A (H) Lost 3-11
U8 B (H) Won 7-2
U8 C (H) Lost 4-10

11 Oct: RUGBY Marlborough Festival (A)



Group Games
v St Bedes Won 10–0
v Colet Court Won 10-0
v Moulsford Drew 5–5
v Salisbury RFC Won 5–0
Group winners.

Final v Papplewick Won 15–5.


13 Oct: RUGBY v Gayhurst (A)

U9 A IX Lost 15-20. M Stalder (2), T Williams
U9 B IX Won 45-10. M Du Toit (4), J Lagesse W Nicholson, D Shortt (2), G Temple
U9 C IX Drew 10-10. J Fennell, J Trew

14 Oct: RUGBY v The Oratory (A)

U10 A Won 40-5. G Acland, N Andreae, O Atkins, H Maxwell (2), He Scott Lyon, J Tahany, S Tallis,
U10 B Won 45-10. J Bell, O Elgendy (3), T Lowe (2), C Maunder, G Naylor, + 1 try split between G Thompson & C Goswami-Myerscough, as both boys had their hands on the ball when it was touched down!
U10 C Won 45-0. W A'Brassard, P Gallagher, T Gosal, J Granville, S Jackson, A Jamil (2). Others TBC

14 Oct: RUGBY v Spratton Hall (A)

Colts A Lost 0-40
Colts B Won 60-10. G Alvarez Munoz (4), D Birkinshaw (2), C Bracken, J-y Jung, A Shoff (3), C White

14 Oct: FOOTBALL v Hall Grove (H)

Carousel U13 XI Won 3-1. F Olakunri (2), R Vakharia

14 Oct: RUGBY House Matches

Cooper 12, Jenkins 53
McArthur 7, Wood 24

17 Oct: RUGBY v Dragon

1st XV (A) Won 12-0. M Shah (2), A Masih (1C)
2nd XV (H) Won 37-7. M Arzt-Jones, A Clayton, H Lloyd 3, L Stalder 2, E Ezekiel (1C)
3rd XV (A) Won 25-12. M Ariyo, C Clemo (2), H Scott Lyon, AWardlaw
4th XV (H) Lost 12-41. L Pan (2), H Laing (1C)
5th XV (H) Won 26-17. E Bagger, F Fordham, H Kirkby, Wakefield, W Moss (2C), B Tholstrup (1C)
Colts A XII (H) Lost 7-29. T Wildblood, O Chalmers (1C)
Colts B XII (H)

Lost 28-35. A Shoff (4), G Alvarez Munoz (4C)

Colts C XII (A) Won 29-7. C Blampied (3), O Elgendy, O Ezekiel, C Bracken (2C)

21 Oct: RUGBY v Pinewood (H)

U12 A XV Drew 10-10. W Blackmore, B Nunn
Colts A/B XII Won 28-0. D Birkinshaw, A Shoff, T Wildblood, M Zuanic, O Chalmers (4C)

21 Oct: RUGBY v Dragon (H)

U10 A Lost 5-35. C Blampied

21 Oct: FOOTBALL v Ludgrove

Carousel Colts A (A) Lost 1-5 (Ludgrove o.g.)
Carousel Colts B (A) Lost 0-8

4 Nov : RUGBY v Bedford

1st XV (H) Won 20-7. M Adcock, S Aspland-Robinson, M Shah, A Masih (Pen & 1C)
2nd XV (A) Lost 10-17. J Figg, T Wright
3rd XV (H) (v Bedford U13B) Lost 12-39. N Kim, M Lambert, T Goodinge (1C)
4th XV (A) Lost 22-40. C Bracken, B Hung (2), L Pan, H Laing (1C)
5th XV (H) Drew 12-12. E Bagger (2), W Moss (1C)
6th XV (A) Lost 7-35. E Curtis, A Maitala (1C)
Colts A XII (A) Lost 14-21. T Wildblood, M Zuanic, O Chalmers (2C)
Colts B XII (H) Won 19-14. G Acland, C Blampied, A Turnbull, G Alvarez Munoz (2C)
Colts C XII (A) Drew 14-14. O Elgendy, C Plant (2C)
Colts D XII (H) Won 20-10. E Cuttell, M George, C O’Shea, C White

5 Nov: U13 BADMINTON & SQUASH v Summer Fields (H)

Badminton Won 15-0
Squash Won 7-5

7 Nov: RUGBY v The Downs (A)

1st XV Won 31-7. S Aspland-Robinson, E Mackay (2), M Shah (2), A Masih (3C)
Colts A XII Lost 0-12

7 Nov: RUGBY v The Oratory

U9 B IX (A) Won 35-10. W Nicholson (2), R Ravagnan, D Shortt (3), JJ Wong
U9 C IX (A) Won 20-10. J Fennell, H Pooley, F Watson-Smyth (2)
U9 D IX (A) Lost 10-25. R Usmani (2)
U8 A (A) Lost 5-9
U8 B (A) Lost 6-8
U8 C (A) Drew 6-6

7 Nov: RUGBY v Spratton Hall (H)

U10 A Lost 25-35. G Acland, C Blampied, O Elgendy (2), E Revill
U10 B Won 37-17. E Cuttell (2), M George (2), G Naylor, G Thompson, C Goswami-Myerscough (1 & 1C)

11 Nov: RUGBY v Papplewick

1st XV (A) Lost 0-43
2nd XV (H) Won 29-0. E Taylor, T Wright, A Wardlaw (2), L Stalder (1 & 2C)
4th XV (A) Won 55-0. C Bracken, H Laing (2), F Peters, B Maxwell, J Rogers (2), J Speed, M Temple, W Moss (5C)
6th XV (H)

(v Papplewick 4th XV) Lost 19-34. F Beard, F Eglinton (2), A Marsh (2C)

Colts A XII (A) Won 42-21. M Ede, Jy Jung, H Revill (2), T Wildblood (2), O Chalmers (6C)
Colts B XII (H) Won 78-0. C Blampied, O Ezekiel (3), A Turnbull, A White (2), A Maxwell (1 & 6C), A Shoff (4 & 3C)
Colts C XII (H) Won 40-0. E Eyton, P Gallagher, M George (2), C O'Shea, G Bracken (5C)
U9 A IX (A) Won 25-0. M Stalder (5)
U9 B IX (A) Won 30-0. B Andreae, G Green, D Shortt (3), JJ Wong
U8 A (H) Lost 5-12
U8 B (H) Lost 2-5

12 Nov: BADMINTON & SQUASH v Dragon (H)

Badminton Won 8-0
Squash Drew 3-3

13 Nov: FOOTBALL v Hawkesdown House (H)



14 Nov: RUGBY v Winchester House


14 Nov: RUGBY v Drifters (A)

U10 Carousel


17 Nov: RUGBY v St John's Northwood (A)

U9 A Won 40-0. W Hobbs, M Stalder (6), T Williams
U9 B Won 30-5. M Du Toit, J Lagesse, W Nicholson, A Pomfret, D Shortt (2)
U9 C Won 30-10. J Fennell (3), H Pooley, F Watson-Smyth

18 Nov: RUGBY v Moulsford

1st XV (A) Won 17-5. H Guy, M Shah, A Smith, S Aspland-Robinson (1C)
2nd XV (A) Lost 14-17. M Ariyo, M Arzt-Jones, E Ezekiel (2C)
3rd XV (A) Won 29-0. J Chibo, B Hung, J Kim (2), H Scott Lyon, T Goodinge (2C)
4th XV (A) Won 26-10. E Bagger, F Eglinton, J Polley, L Wright, W Moss (3C)
Colts A XII (H) Lost 7-35. E Revill, O Chalmers (1C)
Colts B XII (H) Lost 12-28. O Ezekiel, J Tahany, A Turnbull (1C)
Colts C XII (H) Lost 0-36
Colts D XII (H) Lost 5-31. M George

18 Nov: FOOTBALL v Ludgrove (A)

Carousel U13 A CANCELLED
Carousel U13 B CANCELLED

19 Nov: RUGBY St Columba's Festival (A)


Tournament Winners

Group Games:
v St Benedict’s Won 10–10
v Belmont Won 40–0.
v St Georges Won 15–5

Quarter Final v Bedford Prep Won 15–0
Semi final v St Columba’s Won 10-5
Final St Benedict’s Won 15 – 5

21 Nov: RUGBY v Dulwich College Prep (H)

1st XV Drew 5-5. S Aspland-Robinson
2nd XV Won 31-28. M Arzt-Jones (2), W Blackmore, B Nunn, B Tholstrup, E Ezekiel (3C)
3rd XV Lost 0-46 v Dulwich U12A
4th XV Lost 7-26. A Peters, W Moss (1C)

23 Nov: BASKETBALL v Lambrook Haileybury (H)

U11 Won 26-6
U13 Lost 15-17

24 Nov: RUGBY v Colet Court (H)

Colts A XII Lost 0-42
Colts B XII Lost 12-45. A Shoff (2), E Pycroft (1C)
Colts C XII Lost 0-42
Colts D XII Lost 20-26. K Dhesi, S Ramezani (2), G Thompson

24 Nov: RUGBY v Moulsford (H)

U9 A IX Lost 10-15. F Heffer, M Stalder
U9 B IX Lost 0-20
U9 C IX Lost 5-15. F Watson-Smyth
U9 D IX Lost 10-30. Scorers TBC

25 Nov: RUGBY v Colet Court (H)

1st XV Lost 12-21. H Shah, A Smith, A Masih (1C)
2nd XV Won 26-0. M Arzt-Jones (2), B Plumb, E Ezekiel (1 & 3C)
3rd XIII Lost 7-40. I Akhtar, T Goodinge (1C)
4th XIII Lost 7-14. N Kim, J Sandom (1C)

25 Nov: FOOTBALL v Dair House (H)

U11 Carousel Won 2-1. G Alvarez Munoz (2)


25 Nov: FOOTBALL v Ludgrove (H)

U13 Carousel Won 5-0. J Polley (4), R Vakharia
30 Nov: BASKETBALL v Yateley Manor (H)
U11 Lost 4-27
U13 Won 17-3

2 Dec: RUGBY v Danes Hill

1st XV (A) Won 22-7. S Aspland-Robinson (2), J Lane, A Smith, A Masih (1C)
2nd XV (H) Won 22-19. M Adcock, B Nunn (2), E Ezekiel (1 & 1C)
3rd XV (A) Won 43-0. B Hung, N Kim (4), M Lambert, Ho Scott Lyon, I Akhtar (1C), T Goodinge (3C)
4th XV (H) Won 24-10. O Gillen-Toon, J Owen, L Pan, A Peters, J Sandom (2C)
5th XV (H) Won 24-17. E Bagger, F Eglinton, J Polley, J Rogers, W Moss (2C)

2 Dec: RUGBY v Abingdon Prep

Colts A (A) Won 28-0. W Heywood, E Revill, A Shoff, T Wildblood, O Chalmers (4C)
Colts B (H) Won 28-14.G Acland (2), A Turnbull (1), A White (1), A Maxwell (1C), E Pycroft (3C)
U10 Lost 10-30. O Atkins, O Elgendy

2 Dec: FOOTBALL v Dair House (H)

U10 Carousel Lost 1-6. C Willis

3 Dec: RUGBY Hall Grove Festival (A)

U8 A v Hall Grove Lost 5-6
v Feltonfleet Lost 4-7
U8 B v Hall Grove Lost 6-9
v Hall Grove Drew 7-7
v Feltonfleet Drew 2-2
U8 C v Hall Grove Drew 6-6
v Hall Grove Drew 5-5
v Feltonfleet Lost 3-6

3 Dec: SQUASH v Radley (A)

U13 VII Lost 2-5

5 Dec: RUGBY v Shrewsbury House

2nd XV (H) Won 22-0. B Plumb, J Figg (2), E Taylor, E Ezekiel (1C)
3rd XV (H) Won 27-19. N Kim (3), Ho Scott Lyon, W Swift, T Goodinge (1C)
4th XV (H) Won 38-0. J Chibo, O Gillen-Toon, J Owen (2), L Pan (2), J Sandom (4C)
Colts B XII (A) Lost 0-45
Colts C XII (A) Won 7-5. O Elgendy, C Plant (1C)

5 Dec: RUGBY v St John's Northwood (H)

1st XV Won 60-0. G Blandford-Newson,  J Kim, F Reding-Reuter, A Smith (3),  H Weir, S Aspland-Robinson (1 & 1C),  A Masih (2C), E Rowell (1 & 1C). M Shah (1 & 1C)
Colts A XII Drew 7-7. T Wildblood, O Chalmers (1C)

9 Dec: RUGBY v Gayhurst (H)

Colts E

Lost 10-37. C Temple, J You