Learning for Life - Personal, Social and Health Education

The personal, social and health education of boys at Caldicott is recognised as being vitally important, forming a major part of the fundamental life-long-learning, which we hope our boys start to acquire during their formative prep school years and as they become more able to both self-direct and make choices that impact the world around them. Boys are taught important values and life-lessons at all opportunities throughout the school day and experiences are facilitated in line with the need for spiritual and moral growth also.

Tutor meetings, themed chapel services at our beautiful school chapel, and assemblies, provide space in which boys are encouraged to learn about and reflect on a range of personal, social and moral issues, and in which they are kept abreast of current affairs.

There are significant cross-curricular links through subjects such as Drama, Divinity, English, Science and Geography, exploring what it is to be human and encouraging boys to develop their own opinions and to be able to express them, including through debate. We are proud of the opportunities provided for pupils to have a say in their school, through which they learn to appreciate the values of democracy. Representatives from each year group attend School Council Meetings and there is also a pupil Catering Committee, Boarding Committee and Overseas Boys Committee, as well as the Charity Committee.

Pupils have their own Personal File in which they can build up a personal profile and keep photographs and certificates thus helping them to develop a sense of personal identity and confidence, also forming the beginnings of a CV.

Pupils at Caldicott are encouraged to make informed decisions related to health and physical activity and to develop positive attitudes toward a healthy lifestyle. All aspects of a Caldicott education teach the boys personal and social skills, which give them a basis for resilience and resourceful management of their own lives. It is important that students are encouraged to understand their own growth and development within the context of their families and communities; both local and international.

Caldicott is concerned with developing in students the knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attributes that will enable them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, and to make a positive contribution to society.