First Form's Aztec Day

19 March 2014

To support their history topic of the Aztecs, the First Form were treated to a whole day of Aztec fun! They were lucky enough to be visited by Aztec experts from ‘Mexicolore’ who brought with them artefacts to handle, instruments to play and costumes to dress up in. The boys even had the chance to participate in the Aztec ball game, ‘ullamaliztli.’

In addition, the boys designed and made headdresses and weaved their own mat to use as a bed. The day culminated in a delicious Aztec feast which included jelly baby sacrifices, eating human eyeballs and chilli tasting, not forgetting the Aztec’s favourite, hot chocolate!

Writing on an Aztec codex

An Aztec burial.

Playing Aztec instruments

The Aztec ball game

Eating a human eyeball!

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