Thank you, Di Abernethy, for 15 Years in the Boarding House

18 November 2021


Now that exeat is upon us, it is time to say goodbye to a longstanding member of the Caldicott team. After 15 years working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our boarders feel like they are in their second home, Di Abernethy is retiring.

Di is renowned amongst the boarding team for not allowing there to be a dull moment, and among the boys as a steadfast, caring presence. Gail Quinn, who has been with us for the same time as Di (minus one term), had this to say on her departure, ‘I will really miss working with her, she’s such good fun, the boys and staff love her sense of humour, and she cares so much’. Gail went on to share a trick that Di used to play on the 6th Formers. After exams, and before the Leavers’ Dance, posters could be found around the school for Ma’am Abernethy’s ‘Body Popping and Breakdancing Club’ – you can imagine the immeasurable disappointment when the boys learnt that this was not a real activity…

Di Abernethy has been dutifully serving Caldicott for many years, and has been a comfort to the boarders during nights for the last year. She will be dearly missed, but we hope to see her back at Caldicott very soon.


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