Headmaster's Blog | Friday 15 October 2021

15 October 2021


The value of a two week half term is not measured in the family time that is enjoyed, although it will be lovely for you all; it is measured in terms of the raised resistance to seasonal illnesses that can dominate the second half of the Autumn Term. The time between early November and mid-December is a time of so many learning opportunities with a huge body of work completed. Getting to the Christmas break with boys still standing and able to contribute to family life in the festive season is an additional bonus.

I am delighted to announce that Ma’am Charlotte Ross will be joining Caldicott as Head of TPR (Theology, Philosophy and Religion) after half term. Having graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree from Exeter University, Ma’am Ross has taught in a range of schools before joining us. Notably she had time at Marlborough College, Malaysia, where she taught a range of subjects including Theology.

This week has been a blur of activity for boys and staff. Our 4th Form boys completed the ISEB Pre-test and a large number of boys travelled to Harrow School for the Harrow Test on Thursday. School trips are a critical part of our enrichment of the curriculum and with both the 3rd Form and 2nd Form getting off site, you will be pleased to know that we don’t shy away from getting a risk assessment done so we can offer the boys what they deserve.

My own week has had me burning the candle at both ends of the day. On Monday I was delighted to join James Priory, headmaster of Tonbridge, on Chiltern Street at the In Good Company exhibition by Lucille Lewin. Hearing about his ambition for the school and having the chance to reconnect with a range of housemasters was helpful. On Thursday I attended meetings at Radley College which cascaded into joining the whole school for Evening Prayer and a chance to see the Chapel extension, then supper with the Warden, John Moule. Again the chance to catch up with his work and those in his teams was valuable. Such trips help cement our relationship with the great senior schools you may consider for your sons.

May I make a plea for greater care in the car park in two specific areas? Firstly, please observe the ‘green path’ route religiously rather than cutting corners. Secondly, please turn to look at the road before you pull away once your child has had their temperature checked.

On Thursday morning, both School Prefects and House Captains were announced for 2021/2022. We wish all these boys the very best of luck and I remind all our oldest boys that every 6th Form boy will be guided to learn more about their own style of leadership.

Have a restful break.


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