Our 2021 Steam Fair Winners

14 October 2021


Every year our Steam Fair showcases the best creative, innovative and topical ideas that students have worked on over their summer holidays. This year was no different and last Saturday the 2021 Steam Fair Finals took place in the Centenary Hall; some of the brilliant ideas included biodegradable golf tees, edible food packaging, rain harvesters, and a tree planting robot. All of our finalists did incredibly well to get there, but two winners (one Junior and one Senior) were eventually selected by Mr Bennett and Ma’am Naidoo.

Congratulations to Danny L (2nd Form) and Wilfred S (5th Form) for winning the competition! Danny carried out research to help understand the amount of sugar in foods targeted for children. He found that some foods with an incredibly high amount of sugar don’t clearly indicate this on the labels. He then clearly demonstrated this in a very clever way by hiding sugar cubes under cups alongside the relevant food products. His solution to this modern problem is new and improved nutrition labels that use sugar cubes as a measurement, rather than grams which is a very hard measurement for a child to quantify.

Wilfred’s topical invention is ‘Germ Shieldz’, a piece of PPE similar to a glove but easier to use as it’s more of a ‘wipe’ that you use to touch things you don’t want to contaminate (or vice versa). He has found issues with PPE used at the moment; he noted that his sister’s hands were becoming dry and sore as a result of washing them constantly and using sanitiser too often. He did research into the material he could use as well as the method for dispensing them. Wilfred concluded that a dog poo bag dispenser would be the perfect, portable device to use for his Germ Shieldz.

Well done to both boys, who will receive their engraved trophies shortly!


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